Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ice Castles...with daylight and Princess

I do realize that there are those who are just sick up to here with winter.
Not me...I am game to enjoy Winter Proper right up until the first day of Spring...just a few weeks from now.

With that kind of mindset, we had just HAD to swing by the Midway Ice Castles again, right after we swam in the Homestead Crater.  If you are one more inclined to seek signs of spring this post might not be for you.

If you are more of a "To every season" type, then perhaps you will enjoy seeing ice, ice and more ice, and e even an Ice Princess to boot.

(A sky view of the castle grounds.)

As promised, the castles had been growing each day the last two months. 

This trip I had my SLR camera, and daylight with which to use for photography.  Those two elements do make a difference! 
Walking through the castles and looking up into blue sky was just as magical as it was looking up into the night sky.

A recent snowfall had served to cap each structure and added a new facet of beauty.

As Brent (the artist/castle creator) noted: They do look different every single day and in every weather change.

The ice seemed more glittery in the sunlight.

The best part about catching a child in the photo is the perspective that is gain.
These castles are really, really big now.

I like this shot....

I was merrily clicking away when suddenly...

This young woman appeared!
She and her friend had decided to do a photo shoot...her friend had a camera and they plotted how to dress her for the scene.

Now that my kind of people!  Go for the whole gusto, find the perfect outfit....

Do some great make-up techniques...

Be inspired...be one with the ice....

Isn't she something?
I was shooting around her friend with the camera, and trying not to chime in with posing instruction.
This angle with her earring and fingers mimicking the ice really did it for me.
Bravo ladies!

Brides have started to come for pictures in their gowns, but this was a first to have someone interpret the castles in costume.
(I was also told they had the first marriage proposal at the castles the other day too.  I could almost hope the engagement ring was a diamond surrounded by aquamarines.  Wouldn't that be just amazing???)

The weather is staying cold enough that the castles will remain open the first week of March. 

We will be out of town over the weekend otherwise I think I would have to make another trip on the last day to see the castles in their final glory.

It just doesn't seem right that these marvels were made beginning mid December and really are only designed to be shown for two months.  After next weekend the castles will no longer be tended, and will be allowed to evolve in the snow or melt according to the whims of the season.

I hate to see them go. Who knows what next year will bring?  Will I ever get to be awestruck by such beauty again?
If the Ice Castles are to be found  next winter in Midway, (or anywhere else for that matter) you can be sure I will be going to see them with camera in hand.  
Photography from my first visit is now included on Brent's website and he is even selling one of my pictures.
Check out his website, my photo is sometimes on the front page, the three "castles" with clouds overhead.

And who knows, maybe next year I will even break out my wedding gown for a photo session too.
Could be fun don't you think? 
Don't you wish you could come too?
Maybe you can...sketch in a trip here next winter and see if it might just come to pass.


ellen b. said...

These ice castles are just surreal. The photos are so dramatic. Love them all. That's a tempting proposition to come and see them next year except for we're probably going to have a winter wedding that will empty the pocket book!

Lovella ♥ said...

There is nothing this spectacular around here ...and your photos are just the same. You captures it all almost good enough so we never have to come see it for ourselves. .almost.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It sounds like you are planning an ice-party for next year! Amazing pictures, Jill.

Vee said...

They are some kind of amazing. Do they prevent people from visiting once they are no longer tended? I am just wondering about what kind of a hazard they might be. If they were here, they could happily go through March. I'm sure that our weather would sustain them. Said with a wry...very wry...grin.

Krista said...

WOW! Every one of these is breathtaking! The colours and the clarity are all really spectacular! I am so glad you found me so that I could find you, in turn! :o)

Vicki said...

I'm glad you were able to return...it's amazing how different (bigger) the structures look from before. I absolutely love the photo of the young woman looking up and off to the side (with the earring and her hands visible) - she looks perfect with the ice around her!

Your photos are simply amazing, Jill!