Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A foot of white fluff and some orange fluff too!

We got a foot of snow last night!   It was so pretty...so light...so fluffy.
Another kind of fluffy-ness happened to be checking out the view out the sliding glass door.
I had a wicked thought.
Next thing Tate knew he was flying through the air.

He landed nicely, and promptly began to dig around in the snow.
That was a surprise to me. I thought he would try to race back into the house.

(That's what happens if you toss Hart out into the snow. He lands, turns and bounds back inside barely touching the snow at all.)

No, Tate has a totally different take on this snow stuff.

He watched the birds flying over head, flinched at every snow plop falling from the trees, and even tried to dig out a tunnel.

(Love seeing the snow powdering his face.)

After a few minutes he decided to try to run through the snow.
Do they make snowshoes for cats?  He might need a pair today.

Tate: Nope. It is too deep.  I'd better turn back.

He dug and dug...

Checked out the view from all sides under the patio table set.
It was right about this moment that I suddenly realized the joke was on me.
He was not the least bit interested in coming back inside...and I needed to leave for work...and Bernie had already left to go skiing...and I was still in my pajamas and slippers...
Oh what goes around comes around.
I would need to wade into the snow myself to get him back into the house.

Tummy fluff keeps tummies warm, but the fluff sure gets a lot of snow stuck on it!

I don't know where he went to wash up.
I think he just shook himself...and I suppose I will later manage to step in some melted snow puddle inside just when I least expect it.

The snow started falling yesterday at 5 pm, just as I was leaving work.  The flakes were the size of cookies, each flake landed with a solid PLOP on my jacket as I went to my car.  It took an hour to make the usual 20 minute commute home; I was thankful that there were no accidents on the roads due to everyone driving cautiously through the heavy snow.

Three hours later there was eight inches of snow out on the deck.  This morning it was a foot.   The sun was out and the snow will likely be all gone in a day or two.  When I left for work at 11 am I was just wearing a light cotton pullover sweater because the temperatures were already rising.

Am I tired of snow? Not at all!  The spring time snows are often the best with heavy snow fall followed by brilliant skies and warm weather.  The spring flowers look wonderful against the brilliant white back drops too.

I do like the snow.
And apparently Tate does too!


Vee said...

Tate is so cute enjoying the snow that way. I'm glad that you are so enthusiastic about the snow, even spring snowstorms, which are often the worst of all. I don't believe that I've ever seen snowflakes the size of cookies. Now that would be cool, just not this year.

ellen b. said...

That is great that Tate enjoyed the snow so much. Very cute. Flakes the size of cookies...how cool! I'm glad you enjoy the snow. It sure is pretty.

Sara said...

Perhaps Tate is part Norwegian Forest Cat...he's certainly got the fur and big fluffy tail!

Vicki said...

Oh, that is too funny! Tate looked gorgeous out there in all the fluffy stuff. Hart may have to teach him how to do the Supercat-thing and leap tall snowhills in a single bound! :)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Well, that made for a nice early morning photo shoot...all that fluff! It all looks so 'clean' over there...and pretty. I'm sure Tate spent the day sleeping...while you were hard at work.