Monday, January 17, 2011

Storm chaser

Tate has eyes for a certain orange girl kitten named Mila; she lives far away on Prince Edward's Island.
You've heard of puppy love?
I think we may have a case of kitten love on our hands.
(Read Mila's Story HERE towards the end of the post.)

He has lost his kitten teeth, and is growing up nicely.

(Bernie and Tate engaging in a bit of bird watching.  The goldfinches seem completely unaware of their admirers.)

This weekend has given us temperatures up to 60 F. in the valleys, and the snow is melting rapidly.  I looked out the window this afternoon and saw a darkening sky...yet I knew no snow was fore casted until next Wednesday.

With this warm spell, could this be some kind of unusual weather?
(My years in Texas has me always on the look out for tornadoes, and yes, Salt Lake City has had its share of such sever weather events.)

A pronounced circle pattern formed in the clouds over the valley floor. 
The Great Salt Lake shimmered in the distance at the base of the Oquirrh  mountains across the way. 

What a view!  Like God's hands gathering the two storms over the valley.

The Oquirrhs cloud covering stacked up like oncoming ocean waves.

Once the rain started to fall in the distance, I felt the air temperature dropping around me.

The slight pink sunset struggled to compete with the drama of the black clouds.

A blast of wind arrived around me.  Tree limbs waved wildly, and I could hear various wind chimes in the area sounding frantically. 
I tucked my camera inside my shirt and began to jog toward home.
As I rounded the corner to our street hail began to fall.
Heading up the hill to my house I was fighting to see as my glasses were covered with rain drops and my hair was whipping around my head.
It was cold too!
Minutes later I was back inside, all cozy and nice.
And thus ended my little adventure as a storm chaser.
TWC: Feel free to give me a call.
I'm ready to go chase storms anytime!


ellen b. said...

What wonderful dramatic photos these are. Glad you made it home safely. Good workout :o)

Vicki said...

Awesome photos! I think you should submit one or two of them to TWC! Perhaps Al will feature it on his morning program!

I love Mila's little pink nose and her cute little story! She's a cutie-pie, Tate! :)

Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

Wow. Gorgeous pictures. 'Cept they make me homesick. :(

Lovella ♥ said...

OH goodness. . .I love storms. I almost felt the wind whipping and yes I have ran in the rain many times. You took some amazing pictures Jill.

Kathie said...

Wouldn't Tate and Mila have made beautiful babies? Too bad Mila has been "done" as they say around here :)

What incredible cloud formations!! You make a great storm chaser!

Love from Mila's very sick, with the sore throat,achy human . . .

Dawn said...

Such beauty....

BTW- Love that photo of you and Bernie on the sidebar.

Julie said...

Wow ! I love the sky and it many faces! Your photos are spectacular - well worth getting a little wet for !! smile....