Wednesday, January 12, 2011

King me!

Let me just go on record here that something else is totally  wrong in my world:

There are NO Kings Cakes to be found in Salt Lake City this year.

I want and need a purple, yellow and green sprinkled Kings Cake.
The lasts two years I have stooped to baking my own; they have not measured up to the wonders of store bought Kings Cake as readily found in the South.
Ever wonder why Southern folks are so easy going and nice?
It is because because they have enough sense to start putting out Kings Cake everywhere on January 6th, to celebrate the visit of the Three Kings to Baby Jesus.
The tradition goes like this:  A cake is put out with the little Baby (the golden thing in the picture above) hidden inside the cake.
The person who gets the slice with the baby has to bring the next Kings Cake to the next gathering.
This practice goes on up to the first day of Lent.
Kings Cakes are EVERYWHERE in the South during the Mardi Gras season before Lent. 
If you go get your oil changed, your mammogram done, consult with your lawyer, go to the library, what ever...there WILL be Kings Cake there.
Think you need to get back on your diet after Christmas? 
That clearly can wait until Lent.  Here, have some Kings Cake.
Unless you live in Salt Lake City of course.

When you last tuned in, I was bemoaning my lack of ability to get things done.
I am pleased to report that I managed to re-subscribe to the computer security service after only two tries.
Hurrah for ME!
I also heard back from Picasa about my picture problems.  I was assured that if I would just uninstall and re-install the program all my problems would be fixed.
Detailed instructions were included and it was easy peasy.
I did note that a few picture series of my oldest chips were missing; I thankfully had the chips and just reloaded them directly.
Now I am promising myself that I will go through four years of photos and tag each and every one of them with a label so I won't have to hunt to find all my mushroom pictures or rainbows or whatnot.
Won't that be nice when that task is all done?
It may take years....but I can work on it while B. watches the TV shows that he likes.
(You know, the ones with no dialogue, but lots of sounds of tires screeching, things blowing up, guns firing, airplanes roaring.  Do the males in your world also eschew dialog in favor of explosive sound effects?)

Since yesterday's post I have been swimming around the Internet and reading seriously heavy medical and science papers to answer an interesting question posed by one of our skin care students:

If copper binds with the enzyme tyrosinase that causes the release of melanosomes into the keratinocyte and a result of hyperpigmentation, then how can copper peptide be beneficial for the skin.

I have found articles explaining why copper binding with tryosinase causes hyperpigmentation (spots on skin), and articles about how copper peptides help heal wounds and reduce skin wrinkles.
I just can't quite put my finger on why copper is bad for skin in one formula and good for skin in another.

Thought I would just throw the question out there for you all to think about while you munch your Kings Cake, or whatever it is you are having with your tea today.

Meanwhile I today I will be working on researching new developments using LED lights.. 
You know, the little red lights that glow from all your appliances and clocks and what not?

Turns out those little lights are being used in mind boggling ways in medicine now.  Military troops carry little LED thingamabobs that are waved over wounds causing them to be heal up lickity split just like "Bones" used to do in the old Star Trek episodes. Post chemo issues are being fixed with LED lights.  Dental work is being done with LED lights.  I'm beginning to wonder what can't be fixed with LED light.

Best of all...wrinkles and age spots are fixed with the little lights!
(Here's one way too scientific article about it, and here's an easy one.)

Let's all sing it with a whole new meaning:
"This little light of mine....I'm going to let it shine."
"All around my old crow's feet...I'm gonna let it shine...."
"Let it shine till I look 19.  I'm going let it shine...."
"The FDA must  not blow this out...I'm gonna let it shine..."

Back to work. 
(Dang. I still want some good old fashioned Kings Cake!)


ellen b. said...

I won't be in the South before Lent is over so I can't ship you a cake. This is the first I'm hearing about this cake, etc. I guess the fact that the first time I ventured to the "South" was just last year I shouldn't be surprised to be lacking in Southern Culture knowledge...

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about Kings cake, but it sounds good.
After reading your blog, I am re-convinced to what a great multi tasker you are.
Love, mom S.

Anonymous said...

Dang, now you have me hankering for King's Cake. The last time I visited you in Houston, I saw them every place like you said. They are sooo good. Maybe you should get some local bakery to make them.
This is your mother, June

Sara said...

OK, my problem is, by the time I open this comment box I've forgotten most of your questions! What does this signify? I don't want to know - LOL!

But I do remember that photo of the Kings Cake and wish I had a big piece right now!

Hey, and B and I laughed at you for saving all those chips....well, we were obviously wrong about that. I apologize!

The male in my house does not like squealing tires and gunshots on TV, for which I am eternally grateful. Squeaking shoes on basketball courts and the roar of the crowds at football games on TV is another matter...but that's okay with me: I don't have to watch them. (Maybe this was on yesterday's post...?)

I need one of those LED lights!

And quickly!

Vicki said...

I'm rolling in the floor laughing...your thought processes are somewhat scattered...reminds me of me.

Well, Jill, we're in the same pickle. Ever since we moved to Florida in 1998, we have noticed a severe dearth of King's Cakes, too. Of course, we've always said that Florida is the southernmost Northern state in the US. Fewer true Southerners live in Florida than Northerners. I'll bet you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with any Cajun ties, too. Everywhere else in the South we've lived, King's Cakes were abundant. You're right, too; homemade isn't as good as store-bought in this case. I like your Mom's suggestion of asking a local bakery...what about that cupcake shop?

Yeah...loud sound effects and little dialog on the TV over here,'s been quiet this week.


Suzanne said...

Good news, you can order King Cakes online and have them delivered. I can't find the link right now but I ordered one a couple of years ago when i was having a Mardi Gras party.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the red hat you're wearing in the photo entitled "Me and Mr. B". Stunning red wonderfulness.

My grandmother was a milliner and I always appreciate a beautiful hat.

The Farmer also love those mayhem movies and TV shows. If something doesn't get blown up in the first five minutes he won't watch.

I don't worry about wrinkles and crow's feet because I regularly give myself a Photoshop facelift. If any of my readers saw me on the street, they'd never recognize me.

Hooray for the King Cake!