Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday morning....
This morning.
Five inches and flurries are still coming down.
I try to always stay home the first day of *real* snow.
I just need to enjoy the change!

Little Orange Kitten Tate did report for work however.

He has appointed himself the household lifeguard.

No one is going to drown or slip down the shower drain on his watch!

Ever taken a shower supervised by a four month old kitten? It is quite the thing to do around here.
(Watching that drain. You just never know when a drain monster might need killing real sudden like.)
Um Tate?
I'm out of the shower now.
You can stop watching the drain.
Everything went just fine this time!
(Now if only Hart and Frenchie would declare a truce life would be perfect in the Casa de Gato. Hart was on my lap as I worked on the computer, sipping a cup of tea, when Tate decided I needed his help on the computer too. Hart didn't take too kindly to that...and the result of the encounter was a spilled cup of tea all over the desk. Bernie reports working at home with kittens flying around is challenging. I just smile...remembering what it was like trying to get things done with two toddlers in the house long ago. At least these furry tikes don't need diaper changes like the kids did!)


Vicki said...

I love it! You needed the additional excitement in your life, didn't you? I'm so glad to know that you'll always be safe and sound with Orange Kitten Tate minding the drain. (Remember Pasquale? He would have appreciated having Tate keep guard duty for that Drain Monster!)

Dolores said...

Love the snow. Here we are in Toronto basking in 63 degree weather with bright sunny skies.
Seems like it's going to be quite exciting with the new brood in your home.

Islandsparrow said...

Our orange kitty is up to the same trick. She likes to watch while I clean the tub too.

A lovely snowfall! It`s 50 up here and I heard rumours that it will be in the high 60s tomorrow. Hopefully we`ll have some sun too so that I can capture the last of the leaves before bare Nov!

Sara said...

I had to laugh seeing that cute little furry face peeking around the shower curtain.

ellen b. said...

Yikes! Look at all that snow! That kitty is hilarious...

Lovella ♥ said... terribly cute. I remember my Oliver with his leg outstretced under the bathroom door .. making sure that I was sitting in my appointed spot. Cats certainly are curious and entertaining.
OH ..that snow is beautiful. I'm so glad you took the day to adjust to the new season.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

For real? You head into winter quickly over there! It's looking lovely.

Enjoy your supervised showers. Smile.