Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night Date Night

Both Bernie and our neighbor reported to me on Friday morning that just over the hill near Park City the fall colors were really ablaze. That was all I needed to hear to settle on a drive for our date night. We headed out around 4, and stopped at Cafe Rio for a Mexican salad. Then over the hill we drove. KIDDING the colors are blazing!

Bernie turned off at Coalville, a small rural community about 20 minutes from our house, where apparently a Friday Night Date Night is also being enjoyed by a drive, only they took the dog for along too. Don't you love how the dog called "shot gun!" for the road trip?
Bernie wanted to wet a line near where we had fished last spring. The sheep apparently remembered me, at least they trotted up like they couldn't wait to get all caught up.
"Me? Oh, nothing new really. My coat finally is growing back in."
The shadows were already lengthening as Bernie headed off towards the river. I was not properly shod for tromping through sheep dung, so I stayed out by the road. The sheep seemed disappointed; they soon turned their back on me to let me know their true feelings.
There B. in the distance...
Who cares if the fish bite or not? This is just a pretty place to be for a bit.
I am so glad we have found compatible hobbies: He fishes and I take pictures!
The light was perfect!
The fishing...not so much. He did see quite a few in the water though.
I'd love to paint this photo; it is so relaxing with the feed troughs on the river bank and just a hint of fall colors in the trees.
It is true; the more you look the more you see.
I had retired to the car to play with my new "bells and whistles" phone when I looked up and spotted this tattered spiderweb wafting in the breeze attached to the fence post next to the car.

I got out of the car to try to get a better photo, but as it turned out, the only place where I could see the web lit by the sunlight was while seated in the front seat of the car with the side window rolled down.

It pays to just look, look, and look some more; that's usually how I come to see my favorite shots.

Four more days left in summer. The fields have already given over to fall.

The temperature was almost 90 degrees outside; the spraying water looked inviting! We drove past a small house with a sign reading "Farm Fresh Eggs: $2 a dozen"; that is handy information to have for when pesky recipes demand "farm fresh eggs" instead of my usual store bought kind.

Black and white cows were lumbering through meadows and ultimately lined up to enter a rustic looking milking shed.

No "Farm Fresh Milk" signs were posted there; thankfully recipes never seem to be quite so demanding about the source of the milk element, except to occasionally require that the cream be sour. I just buy that stuff at the store; letting cream sit around and go bad seems like too much time investment for my life style.

( Wink. Hi Judy! Hi Lovella!)

One hanging basket is so lovely.
Two is nice too.
Three is a balanced number.
Oh what the heck. Wouldn't about twenty three baskets be just fabulous?
(I do hope this woman had those baskets on some kind of drip system. Keeping those baskets watered would have to be like a religion or something if they weren't.)
We drove back home through Parley's Canyon where the bright fall colors seemed to dance around the jutting rock structures on the hillsides.
I made a note to myself that I should take this close to home drive every day now, at various times of the day to capture the various lights.
The colors stream down the hillsides like rivers of firery lava. And to think that the season has barely begun!
It is still summer...I can't bring myself to put fall colors up on my blog header just yet.
This old barn that we seemed like the right sort of scene for the end of summer, with the surrounding fields still green, and awaiting harvest.
So up it goes for now.
Enjoy this weekend...the last weekend of Summer 2010!


ellen b. said...

I'm so happy you look and look again and catch these great shots! That fishing spot is really beautiful. And yes most of the time less is more....except in my bank account.
Thanks for making me smile...

Vee said...

You're right now that I think of it, fishing and photography are companion hobbies. This would be true of nearly any hobby and photography I suppose. Your hubby's idea of a Friday Night Date is much different from mine's, but I see the wisdom of his plan. Loved the conversation that you had with the sheep...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Fishing and photography are most compatible hobbies...for sure! You are a great team. I can't believe the fall soon!

I'm laughing about the farm fresh milk...and eggs. Our milk is always farm fresh...but we dare not sell it to you that way. You must buy it in the store...once it has been nicely sterilized. However, I think I am still allowed to serve it to you...if you come sit at my table. So come on over & sample! Farm fresh eggs are a little easier to come by...though I don't think the commercial egg producers are allowed to sell eggs off their farms either. So glad you found a 'farm fresh' egg dealer nearby!

Pondside said...

What beautiful shots - and the laughs were great too!
The Great Dane and I have compatible hobbies - he fishes and I read, so we're both happy.

Lovella ♥ said...

ha ha!. .good one.
OH I love your new header picture. . it is just spectacular. .and I wish. oh I wish I was there right now, the colors are just so amazing.