Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bernie's folks come to visit part 1

The flowers in the Square are always so pretty.

Nevertheless, there was still room for improvement, at least in my opinion.

Adding out of town family faces makes the view become absolutely perfect to me!
Bernie's parent's arrived Thursday, July 8th, late in the afternoon. Summer thunderheads had piled high, and while the flight from San Diego was quick, the last few minutes coming in to the SLC valley was quite a bumpy ride.
Bernie picked his parents up and drove them to our home just as a brief summer shower shook a few raindrops loose from the sky.
They had not seen our new house before. Oh how we had longed to see them at our place!

We gave them the "grand" tour, then settled right into sitting around, relaxing and getting caught up.

Tiggie had met Hal in Houston, and they picked up with the friendship right where they had left it a few years back.

I lucked out that first night: a request was made for Kentucky Fried Chicken. We did a picnic at the kitchen table, chatting and watching for birds who might pass by the window.

The next day we got right back to sitting around....

Then headed to the Square for a look-see and lunch at the Lion's Pantry.
It was a good place for lunch on a very warm and windy summer day.
It was just a short drive from there to see the inside of the State Capitol, and to show Hal the place where Jeff lived when he first came to SLC three years ago.
Then we went back to hanging around the deck some more until it was time for dinner at Jeff and Rachel's new house.

Jeff re-introduced Meowsie to his reluctant great grandfather...

(Apparently Meowsie wasn't thrilled with the introduction either.)

Poor Meowsie. He grew up in a frat house, and has been moved sooo many times.

He constantly stares into space just like this.

Jeff explained all the features of his grill...(why anyone would want to cook in the kitchen with that thing in the yard is a mystery to me!)
We visited by their fire pit while Jeff manfully grilled our meal.

The dinner was then served up with casual elegance.
Jeff noted it was the first time they had seated six for dinner at their new dining table.
It was both memorable, comfortable and the steaks were fantastic!
The sun set gloriously, then we lingered by the fireside awhile longer.

Before we left: a picture of the men of the clan...

and the women who married into the clan...and the other grandkitten Cheeto.
This was Hal's birthday weekend.

This was the last day he was just eighty years old, happily surrounded by his son and grandson.
A really great way to end that particular year don't you think?
(I certainly would think so!)
To be continued....


a woman who is said...

Looks like a great family get together. Just the way we do it, lots of visiting and catching up!

Lovella ♥ said...

So nice to see your inlaw's Jill. It is clear to see they received a very warm welcome by all. I so enjoyed the pictures of the girls. .and the guys.

ellen b. said...

Oh how fabulous. Love the shots of the family...the men folk and ladies!
Such a nice looking bunch!
My mother always complained about vacation pictures without people in them.
If there wasn't a loved one in a photo it wasn't worth taking :0)

Pondside said...

I love those pictures of the generations.
Isn't it a treat to be entertained by your children - to see them so happy and settled in their own place?