Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The only thing constant is change.

Oh boy...would I ever love to look like her!

Cute hat, bright eyes, gloves...

You will never guess where I spied her picture.

Here's a hint....can you guess what this is?

Or how about this?
Oh come on. Try. You are using yours right now.

Here's another hint. Aren't they darling?

I'm loving the fun temple bars designs on glasses now days.

The fun temple bar ones were adorable, but on me, the frames crossed right across my pupils. So I tried on these. No...I just couldn't handle that look either. Plus with my heavy prescription those big lenses would have been quite a burden to carry on my face.

These I loved, but again, they sat so that I was mostly looking through the top of the frames.

Still guessing what those first things were, and where I was?

I thought this poster was quite interesting.

High blood pressure causes eye vessels to become squiggly.

As you could tell from the two pictures of egg yolk looking things, my eye vessels, happily, are nice and straight. My blood pressure is perfectly normal!

I had no idea what my eyes really looked like until they were photographed with a whiz bang new thinga-mah-bob at my eye doctor's office.

Isn't it funny to think that I use my eyes all the time but didn't know what they really looked like?

The brownish spot is where the vision is focused. Isn't it amazing that the brain decodes the way light hits that spot and makes it into images?

Stranger still: the brain is what interprets the stimulus and and allows a person to see. The eyes are not really what makes one see; it is the brain that does that miracle.

Current technology is now allowing blind people to see by using their tongues to receive electric signals based on images like are taken with camera.

One blind guy climbs rock walls just by touching a small electonic wand to his tongue. His brain interprets the stimulus and he can "see" where his next rock or toe hold will be.
He literally sees through his tongue!

Picking out a new pair of glasses is never a fun thing for me. I can't see without my glasses; I now depend on a quick digital photograph of myself to decide if I like how various glasses look on me.

This time I got the pair above; the frame is brown in front and orange in the back.

A little different for me...but hey, I get a new pair every year.

This for a change.

Why not?

It will be fun.

If I can't look like the dolly in the cute ruffly hat, then I'm just going to go with glasses that are a wee bit different than normal.
And be thankful I don't have to worry about messing up my lipstick in order to see with a tube on my tongue!


ellen b. said...

What a great idea to take a photo so you can see what the glasses look like. I hate picking new glasses!! Dear relies on me helping him choose his glasses since he can't see without his glasses on...

ellen b. said...

Oh! I forgot to say I like the ones you picked.

Lovella ♥ said...

What amazing technology. .good to know if my retina's give out on me. I can still see distances no problem so I'll be able to choose new glasses no problem.
How absolutely to be able to digitally see without looking into a mirror. I would think that would still somehow make it easier to decide. You could just click back and forth. . rather than taking off and on.
I do think the rectangular frames are the best on you too.

Sara said...

We could all look that good with a little photo morphing and lots of airbrushing!! Or course, only in the photos and not in real life, unfortunately.

I like the new specs. About time for me to do the same...I totally relate to not knowing how I look when choosing frames (an impossible task@) because I can't see far enough to be able to tell.