Monday, June 07, 2010

Do I look like a Mary?: Another Utah Adventure Series!

Bernie and I got a LOT of stuff done over the weekend. Things like painting the deck again, sawing down pine trees, mowing, clipping etc etc. Sunday was to be very warm. We knew that we would not be able to work outside, and staying inside didn't sound inviting.
"I'm thinking I want to go fishing. You want to go to the Weber River with me?" my sweetie asked.
Answer: Of course!
We scurried around and were on the road by noon.
About 40 minutes later we were looking for a good spot for fishing on the river.

Private land owners make river access available on their property via wooden stiles that help you to climb over their fences.
Signs are posted reminding visitors to be sure to not leave any trash behind, to be careful of damaging property and that bothering livestock will not be tolerated.

Just on the other side of this fence/stile was a flock of lazy sheep huddled under a makeshift shelter, apparently trying to stay out of the heat of the mid day sun.

They didn't smell very nice (to put it mildly) but not wanting to risk bothering them in any way, I simple gave them my most regal smile and head nod as I passed by them on my way to the river.

Whew...that was easy.
Or so I thought.
I hadn't gone very far when I heard Bernie yelling my name back at the roadside.
I turned to see what he wanted....

and saw this.
The sheep had all leaped up from their naps and were now following me!

Bernie yelled again: "They think you are going to feed them!"

Oh great.
Do I look like a in "Mary had a little lamb" fame?
Surely not.
I had no sheep snacks with me, and even if I did, I most certainly wouldn't have enough treats for the whole flock.
I stayed on one side of the small stream while the sheep hiked along the other side.
(I have to say I really like this picture with the clouds reflected in the water.)
Before long they had moved off from following me, and lowering their heads, began to munch on the meadow.
Do these critters know how to position themselves with a scenic backdrop or what?
I loved that rusty farm dealy-bob thingee in the background.
It gives the picture a real country/rural touch.

With the sheep pre-occupied with their nibbles, I continued on further upstream and into the trees.
To be continued!


ellen b. said...

Such lovely pastoral views you captured. That is hilarious that those sheep decided to follow you!!

Sara said...

I'm sure it was your regal smile and head nod that did it! They do make lovely arrangements for the scenery. Now, if only they didn't smell!

Becky said...

I haven't had time to visit in ages, but here again I find humour and pleasant thoughts! Thanks for making me smile! At first I thought this would be the age old comparison of Mary and Martha - you doing all that work to begin with, but was delighted to find an old familiar nursery rhyme being played out. Cute!
Enjoy the beginnings of summer!

Lovella ♥ said...

Such pastoral views of your outing. OH ..such a wonderful rusty thing. I want one like that for our yard. .do you think we could drag it over that fence step thing and ship it to my house?
OKay. .just dreaming.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for taking us along on the field-trip. We can always trust you to make it educational...and fun.

Birds...blooms...and sheep...lovely!

Vicki said...

How funny! Shall we re-christen you Miss Jill-Mary?

Those sheep always add a peacefulness to the scene...from a distance! :)