Sunday, April 11, 2010

San Diego Vacation part 3: Easter Sunday

Do you ever visit your childhood church and remember years of Easter Celebrations?
I do...
It seems impossible that I first saw these windows when I was about five years old.
That was a half a century ago.
The years slip by so quickly!
A couple of "Easter Finest" baskets or bunnies, no gloves or frills this time like there always were in the past.

(I borrowed a hat from Laura, as luggage space was tight this trip. The hat is really too small fit properly on my head, but it was still fun to wear. Two other women wore hats too!)

Mom and Me.

The scent of Easter lilies fill the sanctuary.

Then it was home for Easter brunch.

The milk glass dishes originally belonged to a dear friend and neighbor; when she passed away a few years ago, she left the set to my mom.

The milk glass has an opal like color, a bit reddish, on the rim of the goblets when held up to the light; that little test is how you tell real milk glass from reproductions.

I did think it was quite humorous to see my parent's neighbor's children hunting eggs in the front yard of my parent's house. Apparently the Easter bunny found it easier to leave his bounty around our property than theirs!

Our "good Christian family" drove off to church, leaving the heathens to their own pleasures.

(Mom gently tries to witness; the neighbors are content with an unredeemed state of being.)

Back in SLC our neighbors took their child to an Easter egg hunt up at the ski resort.

The pictures of kids hunting eggs in the snow was quite amusing!


ellen b. said...

Oh you all look so lovely in your Easter outfits and the hat looks smashing on you!! Now I'm off to hold my milkglass up to the light!

Lovella ♥ said...

It was wonderful to see your Easter pictures and the story of the china and neighborhood.

Our children managed to find eggs and church. .woo hoo.

Vicki said...

I didn't know that about milkglass. Reading your blog is always guaranteed to be educational.

I hear that little Aiden found 5 Easter eggs...Laura has a photo to prove it!

Islandsparrow said...

I love your Easter bonnet - we had one lady in church with a hat on. I can remember wearing a hat to church every week. And little white gloves :)

running wildly said...

Ok, I LOVE those plates. And that is so strange for me considering I'm not a frilly, lacey lovin' girl. And I do love the hat on you. You are so swish. Yes, I did say swish.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How did I miss this? Here I was..still wondering what your Easter hat looked like. You look truly Easterful!