Sunday, September 27, 2009

When Autumn Sets in...Think Spring

It is clearly autumn around here now....and time to think and dream about spring.

I put on a Spring Bonnet...thought hard....

...and bought some 300+ bulbs for our garden!

NOW is the time to plant bulbs, according to those in the know in SLC.

Sept 27 to be exact...but we decided a Saturday work day was better than a Sunday workday so the bulbs got planted on Sept. 26th instead.

I confess...I had been dreading the digging part of this project.
Then I saw a miracle product in "This Old House" magazine:

A planting auger to fit on a hand held drill! Talk about bliss! A pull of the old trigger finger, and SZsssszzzzszzzzz....the needed hole was dug in less than a minute.

Daffodils, narcissus and tulips bulbs were dropped in the holes and then the dirt was just raked back over the holes and stomped down.

I also cleared along the fence below the grapevines and planted two sacks of wildflower seeds.

Tiggie snoopervised for awhile, then headed back inside. Later Bernie went in, and found Missy the neighbor's cat sitting inside, on the laundry room window, with Hart staring up at her wide eyed.

Tiggie came by with tuffs out on his back. Tuffs of orange fur and Missy fur covered the downstairs carpet.

It must have been on heck of a brawl!
Tiggie just does not take kindly to four footed visitors in his realm.

(You can learn more about the on-going relations between Missy and Tiggie here.)

I do wish he would be more diligent about chasing squirrels though. Every potted plant in the garden has been dug into and a stash of acorns hidden away for winter.
I picked up one empty pot that had been stored in an out of the way corner of the yard; it was empty no longer: it was now full to the brim with acorns!
I asked Bernie why he was putting acorns in the empty pot.
Duh...not Bernie's doing. It was those crazy squirrels again!
Bernie's bouganvilla bonsai is flowering.

The temperatures are supposed to drop dramatically on Wednesday...and this and other tender bonsai will need to be brought inside to avoid frost.

This one is more than welcomed fact I consider it to be a real treat.

Just about the time we were knackered from general yard clean up, the newlyweds pulled up.

They hung out for a bit, then we all headed out for Indian food. Good thing too...I was simply too pooped to cook...and Rachel was mostly dead from a ten mile pre-half marathon conditioning run.

Sometimes eating out is an especially good idea!


Islandsparrow said...

You will love all those bright colours popping up in the spring - I'm so glad that I did it last year. I'm going to add a few more this year too.

Love your new autumn splash banner.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Now that's one way to get the guys to help with the gardening...give them an automated tool of some sort. Good thinking!

Come spring you will be so glad you thought ahead.

Our weather turned at noon today...fall is coming our way.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh it's going to be gorgeous in your yard. You may want to purchase some fine chicken wire to keep the pests and diggers out of your beds. . .

Your header picture is spectacular.

It's started raining a few hours ago ...fall has arrived.

Marg said...

I would love to borrow that tool. I have a new large section that needs some TLC also and that machine sound awesome. I think I'm going to make some research around that idea.

I have a dumb question. What does AKA stand for. I have seen this several time and nobody seems to answer my question?

I loved your new hat theme.