Friday, August 28, 2009

Our 1,396th date.

Dear Diary,

Bernie asked me out again. Another Thursday night date night for us! He always comes up with such special ideas I never can guess what he has planned ahead of time.

This time he suggested two possible dates and let me choose. The first idea was to explore a nearby park that we have heard about, but never visited. The second idea was to return a broken lamp to Ikea, and go shopping for a porta-potty.

Of course you know what I chose. Who can NOT want to go shopping for a porta-potty? Won't all the other girls be jealous when they hear about our 1,396th date?

I can't wait to tell them all about it!

First we went to IKEA and returned the broken lamp. We ate dinner there. Two hot dogs, a bag of chips and a drink...all for $2.00. Bernie splurged and also got a slice of pizza, for another $2, and got me a frozen yogurt cone for a dollar more.

We ate quickly, as we were in a hurry to get to the main part of our date:

So many loos to choose from. Which would be most comfortable? Would it be tipsy? Wide enough in the seat? Questions that we answered by seating ourselves and pondering a bit.
After dating for 32 years (or is it 33? 35? I forget....) we are quite at ease with each other.

No need for false modesty when making such an important decision.

After that we took turns shooting up a small town for points. I think I got 330 points.

Bernie got closer to 700 points. He hit everything that he aimed at!

He took a moment to consider getting a new mail box.

While I was enchanted by the idea of a camp oven. It would be just like my old Susie Homemaker oven!

I could make cupcakes while during camping trips. If I could do that, I just know that would totally win Bernie's heart.

All around us were examples of wildlife in natural settings. This whitetail deer from Alberta must have gotten into something very odd to have antlers grow like that.

If only we could come across a mountain with so many creatures upon it, all at once. Especially a moose like that! Oh it would just be too wonderful!

We had to keep an eye out though.
As so often happens wherever we go, Canada geese were swooping in without warning. We pointed north and suggested they go home. They ignored us as usual.

And then there was the in-store aquarium. Um...salmon, trout, blue gill...yum.
I thought perhaps it would work like lobsters at a restaurant, where you could point at the one you wanted, but no. The fish were just for show.
Well, that about wrapped up our date. He drove me home, and I went to bed happy, with dreams of camping and fishing dancing through my head.
Thank you for listening, dear diary.
As always,


Lovella ♥ said...

Love this post Jill,
I would have been happy as a clam to own a port a potty in my tenting days. . .anything beats an ice cream pail. . .(yes . . .many dates for us too makes us quite immodest)
That store is amazing. .. I wish I could take my date to it for an outing.
Currently. . .we are shopping for a small good quality fishing boat. . (no motor)

Kate said...

So did you actually BUY a Port a Pottie? K Q:-0

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Kate: Yup. And a privacy tent to go around it too. Wanna come out and go camping with us some time?

Sara said...

So you've given up on hiding behind a bush with a space to dig a hole? Tee hee.

That is quite a camping equipment store. A sportsman's paradise! I haven't been inside anything like that for about 30 years.

Isn't it great going on dates after so many years together, when you can just be who you are, nothing embarrasses you anymore.

Vicki said...

One of the first things my in-laws purchased after buying their customized full-size van was a porta-potty. My toddler daughter absolutely refused to utilize it! They were thrilled with not having to hunt down facilities on their annual snowbird trek between KY and FL.

That looks like REI to me! That store (and Bass Pro, and Dick's, and all those other similiar stores) fascinate me! The REI in Dallas had a rock-climbing wall. I wanted to try that one! There is so much in those stores to do!

I'm not sure I could figure out how many date nights we've had...dated for four years, married for over 31, we've known each other since age 5 and ran around as friends (and with friends) during high school...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Too funny...I love it! A successful date...for sure.