Saturday, June 06, 2009

Gullywasher and More Errands

Out running errand (will it ever stop???) to pick up two pictures I had framed....and that took about 10 minutes, tops.

Just long enough for the sky to open up with a Texas style gullywasher to cut loose as I was about to leave the store.

These shot were taken about five minutes after the storm started. I was waiting with a few other customers for a break in the storm. No sense heading out into a rain storm with newly framed water colors!

When it started hailing, I got pretty jumpy. A brief hail storm can ruin a car's exterior. The biggest hailstone was about the size of a dime, definitely big enough to whack a paint job.

Thankfully, somehow my car was unblemished. I was planning on running a few more errands that night, but seeing as how the sky was turning black in every direction I headed home instead, 'cuz my Mama didn't raise no fool!

Besides, watching a storm is much more interesting activity from the deck.

To make up for missing that bit of errand running, I took a long lunch break the next day.

I was prowling around, out on another area rug hunt.

I already own several great area rugs, the problem is that they are all the highly traditional oriental/persian murky-muddy colored rugs.

I loved them in Houston where the walls and the flooring were all cream.

But here in the lap of the Wasatch a 50's style ranch house...something different is needed.

Way different.

As I mentioned in a prior post, we had fallen in love with a rug that turned out to be unavailable.

Ever noticed that trying to find a second choice that you liked as much as your first choice is almost impossible?

I liked the rug above, but it only came in 5'x8', and I need a 8'x10' rug.

I liked this one's design, but not the brown in it.

Liked this one, but don't want that much red in the room....

I like this one, and it is the right size. Trouble is I feel like it should be in a pre-school classroom.

Love this one...but want more orange in the rug and a brighter shade of green.
Great design though.

Convinced that once again I was either crazy or ahead of my time, I returned to searching the Internet in hope that maybe the rug I wanted could be found somewhere on line, some obscure online shop that I had missed before.
I think I have found the rug we originally wanted. We talked to the shop in Oregon (GO BEAVERS!) and they said they had it in stock.

I have heard that line before, but they assured us that it was true, and the rug pictured below should arrive in a week to ten days. That would be in time for the party.

Can you believe THIS is the rug we are crazy about?
Believe it!


Dolores said...

I'd love to see it in place. We just bought a new one and it looks like a modern quilt - the price was right and the colour went with the drapes and furniture. We got lucky.

Rachel and Jeff said...

I LOVE the rug! So cool!!!

Vicki said...

I believe it! I like that rug, too! (It also happens to be William's fav color!)

That was definitely a Texas-style and Texas-sized gullywasher! I would've done the same thing...head straight home.

Julie said...

OK.. I believe it ... smile... I bet in its place it will be just the look you want... you'll have to post another pic of it in its final resting place!! (giggle, pun intended)

I'm so glad you decided to make one last effort to find it! Perseverance does sometimes pay off!

Laura said...

Oh good lord momma! It's aweful! Sorry! I just so can't get into the geometrics.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Laura: Just close your eyes and pretend that you are 55 years old....scary isn't it?

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It's all about having the right colour in the right place. I'm sure it will be perfect...and you will show us exactly how it looks once it has arrived!

Texas gullywasher seems an appropriate name, all right...we experienced one of those on our recent trip to Texas.

Dawn said...

I love the rug you chose!
Never mind, least your folks don't leave the plastic on their lampshades!!! nor the couch!!

Lovella ♥ said...

I love Laura. . .you blog is worth reading anyways. . but her comments make it worth coming back. . .just to see what she says. ..and your response. . .makes me come back later. . to see how you responded.

I did show Terry your gullywasher. . .shoot. .that is a lot of rain.

Willow said...

Catching up after a long trip...

The rug would be great in blue...I'm just not an orange person :)

Oh my, that rainstorm! Must be part of the huge one we encountered while driving across the country.