Tuesday, May 05, 2009

They Married on a Rainy May Morning

Sonoma California, May 2, 2009
After bridal pictures were taken, Jeff walked his bride-to-be through the rain to the limousine for the ride to the church.
It rained all day...and if rain on your wedding day is good luck, then these two should have an abundance of luck their whole married life!

And shortly there after, in the sight of God and around a hundred guest, they were husband and wife.

At the reception, they had their first dance to "At Last Love."

(I was so nervous about the dress that Rachel chose to have custom made. Bias cut ivory silk...isn't that the hardest thing to sew right? It turned out exactly as she had dreamed it would. The back details were gorgeous, the neckline showed off Jeff's wedding gift to her perfectly, a strand of pearls and matching diamond and pearl earrings. Lucky girl....)

They both dance effortlessly.

And yes...I did wear the navy HIGH heel slingbacks for the wedding. I was a bit wobbly going down the aisle, but I held on tightly to my son and we made it just fine, chatting happily the whole way. I told him I had waited my whole life for this day...

A simple cake, with berries the colors of the wedding for decoration. They fed each other gently and tenderly, much to my satisfaction.

Rachel's ring and bouquet.
Her bridesmaids in navy, with fuchsia being the other wedding color.
Two Lauras were in the group...the red headed one is our daughter, the other tall blond was Matron of Honor, and Rachel's friend since birth.

Table One...for the wedding party!

My newly married son...who got misty eyed as he watched Rachel come down the aisle at both the rehearsal and the wedding.
Such a lovely thing to see in a man...

Our family: left to right: My mom and dad, Bernie, Jeff, Bernie's dad and mom. Jeff was so blessed to have both sets of grandparents in attendance on his wedding day.

They are inspirations...my folks married over sixty years, and B.'s parents married 56 years.

At the rehearsal dinner: Me, and Bernie, Jeff and our daughter-in-love to be!
(Some behind the scenes stories tomorrow!)


Dolores said...

Looks like everything turned out great. What a wonderful family you have.

Willow said...

This is the sweetest post, Jill! The wedding looks like it was wonderful and the wedding couple look so very happy! Smile...

Anonymous said...

Jill...you were a lovely Mother of the groom. Your suit was smashing on you ....and the shoes....perfect! It looked like you were all enjoying the time together. I'm sure you will embrace your new daughter in law with love, and will enjoy many good times together as a family. Congratulations! Kathy

Sara said...

What a lovely day, and you look fab in your navy spiked heels. I really like the bride's dress and also the splash of fuchsia/red she added to her wedding colors.

Thanks for your comment on my story...yes, that guy in the last row does look familiar doesn't he!

Vicki said...

Love it, love it, love it! Everything turned out beautifully! No matter whose wedding it is, I always get teary-eyed.


Lovella said...

It really does look like a very happy time the whole wedding. .the bride and groom are gorgeous .. and so are you and yours . .
I loved Rachel's dress too .. and yours was just so amazing on you . .and the heels .. perfect.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It looks like the perfect day...never mind the rain! Your shoes and suit were absolutely perfect. Congratulations to the happy couple!

I'm wondering if this song was on their list...

It never rains in California
But girl, don't they warn ya
It pours man it pours.

Dawn said...

Oh, Jill...you looked mah-vel-ous, daaah-ling! Gotta hand it to you...teetering around in those sling backs. Hee
And your daughter-in-love? STUNNING!

50s Pam said...

Wow, everyone looks gorgeous! Congratulations, you done good with that boy, Jill!

Julie said...

Ohh Jill.. I do so love weddings !! and you were as radiant as the bride !!!! smile..
but Jill... WHERE was your hat??

The bridal couple was stunningly beautiful...I know they will have a love-filled marriage ..and where love is.. a marriage is strong !

Islandsparrow said...

What a sweet post! Congratulations to the new couple!

You looked terrific! But I was also wondering - where's your hat??

Marg said...

I love the dress and all the pictures. You looked awesome.
Great tribute to your whole family.

running wildly said...

Congrats to the boy on the nuptials. How exciting! What a beautiful couple.