Monday, March 02, 2009


A 1950's GE pink oven going on Ebay for $200 right now.
Shipping is also $200.
If they would throw in the range top over to the side...and those cool retro tiles, I think I could go right over the edge and buy into 1950's the pink kitchen thing.

I'm thinking if America's financial picture is going to be as awful as I'm thinking it is going to be, then I think we all are going to need a big dose of 50's style (including maybe pink kitchens and baths!) to survive.

Let's look at what it would mean to head back to the 1950's.
(Pictured above: the 50's light diffuser that won on ebay and that is now installed up in our blue guest room's ceiling, just for fun. Loving that little girl with a blue hair clip jumping rope and scattered ball and jacks on the bottom. It takes me right back to the 50's just looking at it up there!)
Back to when Ike was in charge. Under President Dwight Eisenhower the gross national product grew by over 25 percent and inflation averaged 1.4 percent.

Not bad statistics...not bad at all.

The idea of retreating to the 50's has been fully embraced by one blogging woman.
She has decided to go live in the year 1955, and to post about her experiences on her blog called My 1955 Year
She reads publications from the time, wears the clothes, cooks, cleans, the whole nine yards, each day of her life as if it was 1955.

And get this: she is discovering how WONDERFUL it was to live back then. She even makes me long for Pinesol cleaner again!

She posted two days ago about "household drudgery" and was astonished to report that housekeeping in 1955 was ecologically sound and not nearly as time consuming as our modern efforts are, with better results! And yes, she does go about her housewifely life in a girdle when she isn't scrubbing up things in jeans and loafers.

I've added her to my sidebar if you wish to following her life this year. She doesn't have a pink kitchen, but as far as using the '50s as an escape from our current trauma, I think overall she will do.


Lovella said...

. . .and if she is smart ..she won't be following the markets. .. again today. .huge drops. . .oh goodness ..the 50's are looking mighty swell.

Vicki said...

I'm not sure that I could manage living the mid-50s lifestyle. I rely on my microwave and dishwasher a lot, and please don't take away my computer and digital camera!

I can't remember much about the 50s (although I do have moments of memories) - my memories really start with the beginning of the 60s. I guess we didn't have much even then, 'cause I remember that wringer washer on the back porch and hanging clothes on the clothesline even in freezing weather. We lived in an old farm house in the country. I'm sure the kitchen wasn't modern because we even had to pump our well-water at the kitchen sink.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I was there in 1955...but my memories revolve more around my old-fashioned trike, my metal pail and shovel...and running barefoot in the pasture. I hope she enjoys her vacation in 1955...but we know all vacations end as well.

Islandsparrow said...

I don't get to say this very often anymore, but, that was before I was even born!!

Oh - that was fun!


Pink kitchens?? I remember the gold ones but not the pink.

Sara said...

I wonder if she drives a 50's Chevrolet? Perhaps I should explore her blog a big more. I did go there and read the latest post, and left a comment about the atomic bomb testing.

Those light diffuser is very 50's and a trip down memory lane!

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

I had a pink kitchen in 1964. The first house that we bought in Austin had pink appliances -- except for the refrigerator - pink sink, pink oven and stovetop - similar to your picture, and we even bought a pink and silver chrome dinette set to go with it. Lovely memories...wish I still had that table and chairs!!!