Friday, January 09, 2009

In the beginning, the home owner said: Let there be light...

...And there was light.

A light suspended over the stairs leading to the basement.

(All you retro 50's fans: I know you envy me this...)

Two wall sconce lights, in the living room, across from the fireplace, which could be dimmed for mood setting, to separate bright from darker.

A light suspended above the dining table.
(Susan the Interior Designer loves this is apparently going to be staying.)

A classic single light in the middle of the kitchen ceiling.
(It has a mysterious chip; I wonder what small drama was played out when that happened.)
Modern can lighting will replace it.
Think I should put this one on ebay, even with the little chip?
There was a light in the basement hallway, 'twas painted white.
Outside the same light lit the patio, and it was painted black.
And the current homeowner (me) said:
"These lights are so different than what I usually think of when I am thinking "Let there be light", but I dunno...maybe they will grow on me. Give me some time, maybe I will get used to them."
Today my life had old lights and new shiny things, snow that sparkled and other sparkles as well.
More about the "other" things tomorrow!


Vicki said...

Hmmm. Very interesting lighting. Yes, that dining room light is passable. I see designers actually creating that style lighting when they can't find it.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure." EBay that kitchen light! Mention the chip, too, because someone will want it and either not care, or they'll know how to 'fix' it.

I'm looking forward to more about your house!

Lovella said...

Yay for Susan letting the dining room light stay. . .I agree.
I also love the kitchen little domed light. . so cute. . I wish I had a place to put it, I'd take it off your hands. . chip and all.
I think I can remember my grandparents having those lights.
so cute.. .
I can't wait to see what else Susan has to say.

Anonymous said...

Does that kitchen light ever bring back memories! I actually love it - in it's right setting of course. We have a furniture store here in town that sells 50's style kitchen dinettes - it would go great with one of those!

Lori T

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of some of the light fixtures in some of the apartments I lived in during the 30's, 40's and houses I visited in the 50's. It's fun seeing all the interesting treasures you show us as you continue in this new home adventure. Our other family adventurers are beginning theirs in Kentucky now. We sit here enjoying reading and hearing about everyone's updates of what is happening! Love. Mom S.

Becky said...

hmm... I wonder if your American "modern can light" is the same as our "pot light". Do you know?
Also I found myself saying, "I think we had a light just like that."
Just for your information (act like you don't know this already, okay?), when we were building our house, we were told that lighting should be replaced/up-graded every 10 years for a house to keep up with the times. I think your home's previous owners must have saved a bundle by not doing that! If you do sell the fixtures, you may make enough to cover the cost of new ones. Such a considerate gift!

Judy said...

What goes around, comes around! Some of those look almost modern again (as in your dining table fixture). They all look quite classic actually. New light fixtures every ten years? Yikes. I'm hoping that since I chose 'antique look' fixtures...they'll still be antiquey looking in ten years. Have fun picking out lights!