Sunday, November 23, 2008

Church Bells

Another lovely church to visit on a crisp clear autumn day.

Above is a shot of St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, which is one block south of where I work; the Catholic Cathedral is half a block north of my work place.

Both church have wonderful bell towers, and the bells are regularly in use.

I am happily surrounded by chiming church bells!

St. Mark's has a lovely plaza with a fountain, and I have on occasion walked over and eaten lunch there, and then lingered in their book store for a moment before heading back to church.

If you enlarge the picture above, you can see the rope that is attached to the church bell in the belfry.
I found that to be a really homey touch. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be the one to ring the bell?

It is interesting too that two different styles of crosses were used on the building, and I wonder if the clove leaf shape on the stack like structure was a reminder of Trinity theology.

The church was designed in a Gothic Revival style out of red sandstone from the Red Butte area of SLC. The architect, Richard Upjohn, also designed the Trinity Church in Manhattan. He also founded the American Institute of Architects.

I have learned that inside there is a pipe organ that was built in Glasgow in 1857.

Maybe sometime I can ask for a tour so I can get more information!

The Cathedral has a daily Eucharist service around noon time.
Maybe sometime I will participate in such a service.

I haven't yet been inside, but it is interesting to think of all the historical events that have happened since since the church building was begun in 1870.


Anonymous said...

ACK! Too. Much. Information. Early. in. the. Morning. Must. Go. Back. To. Bed! Where. Are. The. COMICS?
Love you though! You brainiac teaching mommma

Vicki said...

LOL...I'm laughing at the first comment!

Although I'm not expert on church architecture, I do enjoy looking at the various building styles and detail work...and the history can be interesting, too!

Lovella said...

Oh you do have a ample supply of churches in your neigborhood and they all appear to be so architechally (is that even a word, it certainly isn't spelled right). . .beautiful. Oh I do hope you had a wonderful Sunday, listening to the bells, having your weekly massage and planning for the winter ahead.