Monday, September 29, 2008

Ready for Autumn?

I sure am ready for autumn! It is my favorite time of the year!

And since we could see color change on the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City, we made a point of heading out to hike around and enjoy the scenery last Saturday right after we visited the Farmer's Market.

Care to come along?

Oh will be fun!

There were loads of trails to choose from a half our from our apartment. We went up Mill Creek Canyon, and just randomly pulled over at the Porter Fork Trail head.

A stream was rushing beside the path. That's a good enough reason for me!

Bernie in his Switzerland bought orange tee shirt fit right in with all the colors.

This is one of my favorite shots: The edge of a pool, dammed by branches, capturing the colorful fallen leaves in the sky reflecting waters.

These leaves felt like suede on the back. I walked holding one, rubbing my fingers against the soft texture.
The first part of the trail was a private road. Some of the cabins were amazing...this one was especially old and had so much character.

The drops on this rock caught my eye: I touched it, thinking perhaps there had been a scattered shower. Turns out it is just the pattern of the rock itself!

Asters and goldenrod.

Lines from a poem comes to mind:

'Spring and Fall, to a Young Child'

Margaret, are you grieving
Over Goldengrove unleaving?
Leaves, like the things of man, you
With your fresh thoughts care for, can you?
Ah! as the heart grows older
It will come to such sights colder
By and by, nor spare a sigh
Though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie;
And yet you will weep and know why.
Now no matter, child, the name:
Sorrow's springs are the same.
Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed
What heart heard of, ghost guessed:
It is the blight man was born for,
It is Margaret you mourn for.

-- Gerard Manley Hopkins

No grieving here however. While autumn is often a melancholy time for some folk, I myself am having a great time!

The path was STEEP!

Various root structures alongside the path fascinated me.

The bright red berries stole a lot of the fall leaves thunder.

The pink flowers seemed dressed out of season.
Another great cabin.
(I felt a little peculiar about taking the cabin pictures; the last time I took pictures of housing structures was down in Galveston. Remember the beach house with the fish shaped mail box and wave picket fence? All gone...Ike shattered them to pieces. I hold my breath as I shoot this picture, hoping nothing will ever come to harm it....)

A mile up on the road we finally reach the actual "hike". Whew....I'm about knackered as it is...

Doesn't this root structure remind you of a goat's head?

I find it challenging to try to remember to look up as well as at the rocky path and the colorful trees all around us. Love the cloud design.

Views afar, close by and then close up...each has it's own beauty.

The purple shaded leaves were interesting...I wondered what color they will finally become.
Random shots of color were to be seen everywhere.

Looking down the trail, across to another mountain in the Wasatch range. So much color on the path, and the mountain afar as well.

Bernie was surprised I spotted this little guy. Perfectly attired for the season, and for Oregon State University games. GO BEAVERS!

Both these purple flowers and purple violets were blooming amidst the fallen leaves.

Don't you love it when trees pleach and form a cathedral like room?
I suppose there is a trail to this rocky outcrop on the mountain we looked across at on our trail.

We stopped and shared an orange, and talked of all kinds of things, like most long time married couples do. After we got back down the trail, we got into our car to drive further up the mountain.

At the end of the road was this stand of aspen trees in the last of the day's sunlight. There were aspen everywhere that had not yet turned golden; we decided we must take the drive again next weekend to see them in all their glory!

I shot pictures out the side side window as we drove along.
Impressionistic art!
Monet would be proud!
(We went and saw an art exhibit of the Impressionists from Monet to Picasso two weeks ago; their art is still on my mind....)
Perhaps a bit of pointillism can be seen here..

The shadows were lengthening, and picnicking families were either packing up or enjoying a wiener roast in the various picnic sites. My mouth was watering for a hot dog about then!

(This is a fast way to make a painting....)

And the road kept on going until we were safely back home.
I LOVE living in Salt Lake City in the fall!


Vicki said...

Thank you for this! I do miss a true Autumn Day. There are a few trees around Orlando that turn colors and lose their leaves, but now we're on the tropical side of the zone line, so I'm not sure what the trees around here will do.

I loved the photos of the leaves in the stream and the red berries (was that a mountain ash?). Seeing the trees and the mountains and the stream...*sigh*

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Thank you...such loveliness.

I am so glad you are there and not here in this IKE mess!

Anonymous said...

I remember the fall leaves pictures you took when you were in college in Oregon. You were a young southern California girl and were entralled with all the color around you that we don't have around here. With your artists eye you are once again enjoying all of natures fall splendor.
Love you, Mom

Lovella said...

I've lived amongst the beauty of fall colors every season for 49 seasons. . .and yet the honeymoon with it never dies. I just love autumn. . .just so gorgeous. It does look like you have particularly lovely color already. Our coloring is behind yours, so your nights must be colder. We have rain forcast which does not heed well for colouring leaves.

Anonymous said...

I remember when you were in college in Oregon and you sent home pictures you had taken of fall leaves. You were a born in So.California girl and were enthralled by all the colors around you that we don't have in San Diego ( or Texas). So I can see why your artist eye is enjoying all this beauty around you so much. Having Bernie ( another so. Caif. product ) with you is a plus !. Love you both, Mom D.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos Jill! My favourite season is fall too - God's paintbrush is at it's best! Lori T

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos Jill! My favourite season is fall too - God's paintbrush is at it's best! Lori T

Kate said...

Love the colors and thanks so much for taking us on your walk. October is my favorite season as well - so much color, cool and crisp weather and sweaters! Enjoy!

Your photographs get better and better, Jill. You are becoming the artist along your way. You GO, Girl.

So glad you are happy there.

Alles es gut hier! K Q:-)

P.S. Send me an email so Ill have your new e-address. Thx.

Sara said...

Just beautiful - I enjoyed the hike. The photos remind me so much of my trip last year to the Colorado Rockies for a retreat, exactly a year ago! I agree with you, Autumn is the BEST season because of all that color everywhere, and the holidays too.

Julie said...

Soooo beautiful, Jill ! You are much more into the fall colors than we are here...We are JUST starting!
Your 'favorite shot' is also mine! I've never seen anything like that! So very pretty.

And I was soo surprised to see your little orange striped caterpiller!!! He apparently crawled all the way over to my last post!! smile

Gail said...

These pictures are really great. I feel lke i've almost been there. I'm goingto try and send some of the pics I took from mueller state park co. I'm at the library right now after my surgery check up typing is slow with one hand - more later. I'm so pleased you're enjoying life with Bernie in SLC - love you - Gail

Maureen said...

Good job as a photographer. I love fall leaves.