Monday, September 01, 2008

It SNOWED!!!!! And I am IN LOVE!!!!

The view from our bedroom window!

Yup, definitely snow on the mountain tops.

Whew....good-bye 90 degree heat!

Yesterday the temperature dropped twenty degrees in about an hour. Big lightening and thunder activity, and rain all about, and the television kept sending out weather alerts.

When they said that there was to be .6 inches of rain in a hour, and to prepare for flooding, I kinda laughed. Back in Houston we could get .6 inches of rain just from the sweat falling from tall folks walking by on the street.

It was hard to know what to watch: our weather alert or the alerts for Hurricane Gustav, or Houston weather. In the end, it looks like all is well enough on all fronts.

But we got SNOW!!!

I got up early while the rain was still pounding and the morning sky was black with storm clouds from horizon to horizon. A perfect day to get house work done.

A task I have ignored for two weeks; sharing a room with two cats, their litter box and with very little room for our duffel bags, well, cleaning up seemed impossible.

But since the cats are now in a kennel it was time to straighten up.

(Long story on the cats...Tigs was stalking Meowsie, Meowsie lost his nerve and had an accident on Jeff's bed twice, so we decided our two would have to be housed elsewhere until we can move into the view house.)

While I was running laundry and scrubbing up the bathroom, the rain stopped, the sky cleared, and B. called out that there was indeed snow up on the mountain tops.

Naturally I grabbed my camera!

Nice pictures....but I wanted a better shot.

A walk to the end of the street showed me a prune tree heavy with unripe fruit, a green apple tree also heavy with unripe fruit, thistles in bloom and this blue flower.

OK...that was worth the walk for the flower even if there wasn't a better mountain view.

And I saw this little house. I've been thinking we'll paint our new house's shutters black, like this one. Except this one also has a very deep blue grey on the trim. Hmmm....interesting idea.

I took off walking down the street and around the corner.

The mountains hid behind hospitals, high rises and trees.

This was a good peek though.

That's quite a bit of snow actually. Darn, I wish we could drive up there and see it....but B. is more interested in getting in a round of golf. Jeff says it will be too soggy to enjoy the game; I said B. would say it is only too soggy to play golf if you have to shove Shamu the Killer Whale out the the tee box in order to play.

I *think* that is Mt. Olympus.

A pretty Japanese maple had turned color nicely. I am told the mountains will be changing color soon too.

What I want to know is what is with all the unripe fruit on the trees around here.

I saw trees full of rock hard pears, peaches, crab apples and a green thing that looked like an avocado but I know it isn't an avocado. If it was, I would be SO those things!

I thought the good sized blue cypress berries looked like frosted bells. So I took a picture...
It has been such a good day.
The house is clean, the weather is cool, the Gulf Coast is going to be OK, and I think Sarah Palin totally rocks.
Bernie read me a review that said she had the "bad girl librarian vibe."
The Boston Herald said: "She’s good-looking in that librarian-with-glasses style, hair piled up on her head."
(Why yes as a matter of fact I do know all about that naughty librarian look myself. Any moment now I will pull off my glasses, toss my hair loose and pull a man over the desk and have my way with him....oh sure...happens all the time...)
I liked this joke:
It’s the vice presidential debate.
The moment Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin mentions Hillary, Joe Biden does a Lloyd Bentsen.
“I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and Governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”
But here’s Palin’s drop-dead reply: “Senator, I know your running mate, Barack Obama. And he’s no Hillary Clinton either.”
Bada boom, bada bing.
This link to Youtube clip about Palin as a Naughty Librarian by
Craig Ferguson is a hoot. I mean, really, a mother of five, and she still has got it rockin'.
Silliness aside; I seriously LOVE this woman!
The more I read, the more I like.
This election just got really, really interesting.
And to all my liberal feminist friends out there who want to vote for a woman...don't miss out...this is your big chance to put your vote where your mouth is.
Let's not suddenly start talking about "ideals" used to be all that mattered was the gender.
If all that matters is getting a woman elected, I think you should go ahead and make that woman in office be Sarah Palin!


Caroline said...

Your liberal feminist friends wouldn't dare vote for Palin, because she is neither liberal nor feminist herself. Voting her ticket just because she's a woman is just as bad as men not voting for her ticket because she's a woman. Her genitals have nothing to do with her politics. Quite frankly, I would hate for my daughters, should I be blessed enough to have some one day, to be raised in a country where they are not trusted to make decisions about their own bodies, or have someone else's religious rhetoric forced down their throats.

But this, of course, is not what your blog is about. ALl of your photos are gorgeous, by the way.

Vicki said...

I'm so jealous. It's so hot here. I miss seeing snow...I miss seeing Japanese maples...I even miss seeing the blue cypress berries! All we have down here to watch is Gustav, Hanna, and now Ike.

Hurry and get moved into the view house...I'm coming for a visit! (just kidding, of course!)

I have always had an appreciation for Palin...I respect her even more so for revealing her teenage daughter's pregnancy. That is just a typical family like so many other American families. Hey, I've even been to her hometown!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Caroline: I have been blessed with a daughter, and it is exactly because I believe that no one else should make a decision about woman's body that makes me opposed to the abortion of unborn daughters (and sons for that matter.)

And forcing a letal saline solution down a fetal throat bothers me a lot. That's exteme rhetoric with no recourse for the victim.

I read that you are a fan of Gaia and Daisy World. Biosphere II was a disaster-despite the biotechnical precision of it's creation. It is not Gaia who is to be concerned about; Earth is merely a creation, and The Creator who loves humans and creation both is mindful of our every need, providing such with love. Gaia theory suggests that Earth is better off without humans, and if humans disbehave then earth will rid herself of us. Thankfully God has promised to never be rid of us humans, and to provide safe haven for us instead.

Glad you liked my picture though.
PS: I used to work for Shell Oil...they had pro Gaia stuff on their intranet so I got to research all about it as their research librarian. After doing so...(shaking head in dismay)all I can say is "Look out for the Ark of Hope. Not good...not good at all."

Lovella said...

super interesting post Jill. I so enjoy American politics. . .ask anyone who knows me they will vouch for the fact that I was glued to CNN until the last chad was investigated in the last election.
I've watched with interest today the CNN coverage on Palin and her declaration of her daughters pregnancy and her plans regarding it .. I feel for that young womans life being plastered on the television for us all to have an opinion but I admire the decision of this family to support their daughters decision to give this child life.
I also quite enjoyed your enthusiasm of the snow up in the mountains. .
I'm not sure what all the unripe fruit is about but our pears and apples and prune plums are only beginning to ripen here too . . .if that makes you feel better.
I also very much admire your willingness to share your opinions on your blog ..

Laura said...

Let me know around February if you're still all excited about snow.
Love you!!!
And the comments! Ow! I think I just got a little scortched.
All I can say is, maybe us girls need to be more "responsible" about our bodies so the issue of "my body" does not have to be an issue at all. Girls need to grow up and be more responsible.
That's all.

Islandsparrow said...


I love that naughty librarian theory :) I may have to grow my hair long - do we get to recite love sonnets?

Sara said... beautiful! And cool weather sounds just's only a distant dream in my mind, unfortunately.

That is a very interesting and raggedy sort of blue flower...I like it a lot.

Well, this election process is getting more interesting by the minute...and so are the comments you are receiving. And the show is not over yet, by any means. I like what I've seen of Sarah Palin...however, politics is not something I enjoy, which probably explains why I never heard of her before this week. So now I must be a good citizen and learn more.

I just looked up the Ark of Hope. Hmmmmm.....a sad hope indeed, hoping in everything except the only One who can and will restore all things one day.

Marg said...

Hey, I feel like you. We had our first snow on Friday, Aug.22. One week after I climbed the peak.
We're clued to see what will eventually happen...It's scary out there.
Mr Gustav seems to be relaxing...Praying that New Orleans will feel blessed rather than destroyed.

Lin said...

Wow--lively comments here. I love your response to Gaia. What I don't understand is how women who think women should have so much choice can choose against their own flesh and blood in the selfish desire to glorify their own body. This goes so much against my grain. My body is only my body until it is housing someone else's body. Then it belongs to both of us and my choices must reflect both of us. My body is no longer my own at that point in time.

I love the mountain views and the snow. As a good old Colorado girl, I really miss those types of views. I am so glad you are keeping up the wonderful camera work to let us all into a piece of your world, Jill.

amyletinsky said...

preach it Jill ! hehe. I'm so excited about Palin, giddy as a schoolgirl. When I heard that she gave birth to a down syndrome kid, that pretty much cinched it for me.

One thing that I hope comes across in this election is that all feminists aren't alike. In fact, there's been several waves of feminism. I'm stuck back in the first or second wave, thinking the third and fourth wave got waaaay too crazy for my tastes.

It's like "Christians." We all get lumped together, as if we're all the exact same, when if fact, there's a lot of different types of people who claim to be Christians out there.

I'm wondering if Tiggie and Hart are going to share their perspective on the recent events. Just curious. =)

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...


(I am a woman of few words.)

Julie said...

Jill, I LOVE that you have mountains just like ours now! and I don't think you'll get tired of snow. I think it is beautiful - as long as I don't have to drive in it!
Your posts are always so well written and interesting! AND I love that you speak your mind!!

I also LOVE a good comeback - Palin's was great.

I do hope you get to move into your new home I can enjoy the tour I'm sure we'll all get ?
Great photos, as always!