Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have to say it: this is just surreal to be watching the news with pictures of places in Houston that I know. In case you are wondering, our house in Kingwood is north of downtown Houston, and is at the one o'clock position when you see the Houston map that looks like a spider web. If we were home, we would not be evacuating, but we could still have storm damage.

Our faithful friend Janitha has put lawn furniture away; other than that all that is left to do is to pray, wait and see. It is an interesting storm; if you haven't already, take a look at this article, which will explain how really odd this storm is. I've also read that it is taking the same path as the 1901 Galveston Hurricane that killed 8,000 people.

Tomorrow we will have our few borrowed bits of furniture moved into our downtown apartment. The cats were picked up from the kennel yesterday and have already been moved into the unfurnished apartment. They really missed us...and we kinda missed them too.

So tomorrow we will settle into to one nest, and keep a wary eye electronically on our other nest.
What a life.

Stay tuned for updates.


Lovella said...

Jill, I am watching Ike too .. .who isn't? The article is just fascinating . .
it must be so surreal for you to be away from Houston and yet still so connected.

Vicki said...

Life is so unsettled, isn't it? I really think it stays that way - we just trade one set of circumstances for another.

I'm praying that our unsold homes get through this hurricane season unscathed...and that they sell by the end of hurricane season, too! (My realtor let me know this morning that she is very unhappy that we aren't participating in that big 10% off sale!)

Miss Janey said...

MIss J will keep good thoughts for ya'll.

Janitha said...

We are all praying and hoping that Ike will move throught with as little damage as possibly possible for a storm this size. Staying put in Houston. Keep in touch.

Sara said...

You can be sure those of us on the West Coast are praying all will be well for those of you with property in hurricane country.

Hmmmm....I haven't checked Tiggie's blog lately; I wonder if he's been writing about these new developments in his and Hart's housing situation...

Lin said...

So far, so good. It is 4:00 pm now and still the calm before the storm is reigning. We are just waiting for the storm.....I've never been through this, so I am justifiably nervous, maybe even just a little bit scared.

Thanks for all your prayers for us in the hurricane cone....I'll update you as soon as I can when it is all over.

Jill, I am praying that your house is in it's own little cone of protection, held in the Lord's own hands.

Dawn said...

I've been watching this and thinking...wondering about your place.
I even got the map out to see how close it was to the actual landfall area.

Hope your nest makes it through just fine.

Anonymous said...

We hope no harm came to your house in Houston. We also are hoping someone will fall in love with the house soon AND BUY IT!! Sure grateful both of you have not been in harms way. Thinking of you. Love mom S.