Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let there be light!

Our house had it's first showing today.
I got a call from the scheduling agency at 11 am, asking if the house could be shown between 1 and 2.
Of course the house could be shown. Bring 'em on!
I gathered the few items that I had been using, such as my coffee cup, and a magazine and stowed them away.
Watered the patio plants so they would look fresh and sparkly.
Refolded some stacked items on B.s side of the closet.
Swept the front walk way.
Cleaned the litter boxes.
Moved our two cars down the street. The garage is rapidly filling with boxes, no room for cars anymore. House looks better with an empty driveway.
Took a shower and changed clothes. (Just sweeping, watering, and walking half a block automatically means a shower for me; it is hot and humid here, remember?) 12:45 I walked around the house turning on lights as per real estate agent's advice.
Houses show better with all their lights turn on.
(Or at least that is what I am being told.)

For me, that would be fifty three light switches to turn on.

Yup. I counted.
Next time around I will time myself as I do it.

No wonder B. is always waiting in the car for me while I go around the house switching off lights when we go somewhere in the evening.

How many light switches does your house have?
Bet you never thought to count before.
Bet you will now....
(I asked B. how many lights he thought we had. He thought around twenty three. Boy was he ever surprised!)


Lovella said...

The bungalow has ten. . that it's oh and the light above the stove plus a few lamps. .
No wonder I feel like I need more light in the winter. I'll pray they put in an offer.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Lovella~how many including lamps? I counted lamps too.

Vicki said...

My word...I just counted. There are 54 light switches in my house! I did not count lamps that are not on switches because the lamps are no longer in the house (they're in the apartment)!

My house hasn't been shown for two whole weeks now! I'm getting worried! The last time I spoke to my Realtor, there was an interested looker. I guess they lost interest. I hope we both sell very soon!

Dawn said...

We have 10 light switches...
Lamps? 7 more.
Like I's a small place.

Marg said...

I don't want to answer that question.
But you are right. I'm always running around checking, closing the windows and locking the entry doors.
Hm...don't they recognize that we are all thinking green?

Anonymous said...

I counted them twice because I couldn't believe it, just to make sure - but we have 57 too! Never realized there were so many......can't imagine how fast that hydro meter would be spinning if I turned them all on at the same time! And then perhaps did a load of laundry, and ran the dishwasher while baking a cake in the oven - all at Christmas time when there's lights outside the house as well!
Lori T

Miss Janey said...

Lordy, that's a lot of lights. Hope all goes well. At least you know its well-lit.

Sara said...

Counting all the lamps and the light over the stove - 20! My house was built in 1941....I don't think they used so many light switches back then, and it's not all that big either. I don't know what I'd do with two or three times that many! I didn't count the garage, it's not attached to the house, but there is one light switch in there.

Marni said...

I just wanted to leave a little comment - it's not about light so much as to say that I enjoy your blog.
I caught up a little today and was struck by the poignancy of the move you are facing.
Thanks for brightening lives (o.k, there's the light reference) with your blog and with your comments on other's - I laughed out loud when I read that you asked Lovella to stop smoking :)
I am sure that humor will go a long ways in helping you through this season.