Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A walk in the woods on Father's Day

It has been awhile since B. and I have walked together through the wood. It's been too hot, we've been too busy, life piles up.

I sometimes wonder what I miss on the days when I don't take a walk.
Along the side of the path on this day was this little flower.

A pink tinged lily, about five inches across, a solitary bloom amidst the brambles.
It is good to consider lilies; they last but a day, yet their beauty is displayed as though each flower was to last forever.

Tiny things go about their lives as well. B. saw this oh so eensie skink. When it ran it looked like a squiggle swimming across the ground.

The grasses in the meadow have begun to go to seed.
The curlicue fronds suggest an Arabic script spelling out a praise of life and creation.
It has been very hot here and I cringe to hear the weather reports of "Gulf Moisture" fueling the storms of the Midwest.
Houston had a flood in 2001, from a Tropical Storm named Allison. I know what it is like for neighborhoods to be lost, and for businesses to struggle to regroup from the deluge.
Then there was Katrina.
We saw first hand how a flood can forever altered what people thought their life would be like.
Now the floods of the Midwest...
I just want to say that I am praying for everyone in the midst of many waters and the economic fallout that we all may be called upon to endure.
These are challenging times on many levels and for many people in many places.
I believe in considering lilies, how they toil not, nor spin, yet God provides for them, for the sake of their mere one day existence.
If these thoughts seem a bit heavy it is because right now we too face challenging time, less challenging than the challenges many people face and more challenging than the challenges that other people face.
Such is life....
I find encouragement in considering the glorious lilies on this site.
Gotta Garden is recording the lilies that are now blooming in her garden daily.
I thank her for her efforts to show us all the glories about her garden!
It astonishes me to see the many variations of day lilies in bloom.
I had no idea...
And it amazes to me to realize that each picture that she has posted is of a lily, no matter how glorious, which was created to bloom for only a single day.


Sara said...

What a poetic description of those grasses you have composed! That tiny little skink is wonderful too.

I went to visit all those amazing lilies at Gotta Garden. That they last just one day is something I did not know before. It's just another example of God's grace and extravagance - He covers the earth in continual beauty, one day at a time.

You have presented a very thoughtful post.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you see things and put your thoughts into words. With so much going on, and so much to be concerned about, it's good to look around us and appreciate each day and the small things in it.

"Let us consider the lilies of the field..."

What a great lesson.

Vicki said...


I'm afraid that previous comment may have had Spooky's signature on it. Rest assured, Spooky's thoughts, although deep, do not run along the lines of lilies and such.


Lovella said...

Jill, I thank you for mentioning the folks in the midwest. Everyday we watch the devastation that they face and know that there are so many memories flooded and lost.
The walk you had looks lovely ..
I hope the challenges that you face today will somehow seem a bit lighter for sharing your thoughts. . thinking of you!!!

Kathy said...

Thanks for another peak into your outdoor world. I cant believe that tiny little skink.

Considering lilies is my what God has been teaching me. It sure combats anxiety! I even had my newish wedding ring engraved with the reference and it has flowers on it with my original diamond set in.

Thank you for your writing.

Julie said...

The lily - here for only a day, - is a wonderful reminder to us of God's unfailing care and provision when things are 'hard', isn't it ?
And though its life is short - it still confidently displays God's beauty and is an encouraging message to us.
Your photos are lovely... as is your post and thank you for your reminder to remember the people struggling in the midwest !

Elizabeth said...

Lovely to see so much glorious blue in your nature pictures.
Yes, I think we are facing difficult times ahead - you are right to remind us to enjoy all the loveliness around us.
However, so much of what gives real pleasure comes from friendship and making things and our families.
Isn't it bliss that blogging is pretty much free!