Thursday, June 05, 2008

Organizating still...

A quick update on my medical issues: I saw my GI doctor on Tuesday and he said that the tests show I had experienced something called ischemic colitis. Essentially it is caused by a blood vessel in the colon being damaged due to ???? (former abdominal surgery, a twist in the colon, a hard bowel movement, hard running, ???? nothing for sure) and that causes the wall of the colon to bleed. Ischemic colitis comes on suddenly, usually without warning, usually to people over the age of fifty.

The treatment is antibiotics and fluids, in a hospital setting, staying off foods for awhile until the bleeding area has a chance to heal, and the total healing process takes two to six weeks.

After that life goes back to usual with no changes in diet, and recurrence is rare. Nothing really can be done to prevent it besides the usual "stop smoking-watch your weight-exercise-avoid stress" mantra that is indicated for anyone with a pulse. I never have smoked, ever, and the rest of the stuff has always been part of my life.

I am SO very pleased. The episode had nothing to do with anything I might have inadvertently done (aside from those two c-sections and I had a choice in these?) AND the fact that I don't have to worry about a flare up in the future or modification of my diet is SWEET!

A scope is still going to be performed next Tuesday just to be sure there isn't anything else going on. I expect all will be well, and the doctor said that likely by then he won't even be able to see where the injury occurred. My innards are still trying to figure out what "normal" is after what they went through, and the doctor said that is OK.

Thanks for all your concern, prayers and notes. They were a real encouragement to me!

Now back to regular bloggy life:

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know I am on a steady campaign to organize and pare down my belongings. I have a master list of places in my house that I either need to organize or re-organize, or re-evaluate. While Laura was living with us she was a great help in assisting me in this process. We got through a lot of the list together; lucky me...she is is an awesome organizer!

The one area that we didn't get around to tackling was my jewelry collection. Above: One of two drawers filled with boxes and bags of jewelry.

I also had these jewelry organizers taking up another dresser drawer, and one small hanging organizer in the closet. And I had a small bowl and a basket on my bathroom vanity for my most favorite every day rings and earrings.

It seemed like I had my usual selections where I could easily grab them, but every time I wanted to wear the rest of the stuff I had to play a game of hide-and-go-seek, digging through drawers and baskets to find what I was looking for.

That always left the drawers in a mess, and me feeling rather frustrated.


I really did like how easy it was to find the jewelry in the one tiny hanging jewelry organizer.
I got thinking....If only I could have more of those hanging organizers, only bigger. Much bigger.
A quick seek on for "jewelry hanger" turned up these EIGHTY POCKET bad boys!

I bought two at a cost of about $20 total, including shipping.

Now one side is just for earrings (and a few necklaces in the deep bottom pockets...)

The flip side holds my pins and broaches.
Most of them had belonged to my grandmothers and grandmothers-in law....they are treasured.
The next hanger is for fancy "diamond" party jewelry (cuz I have sooo many formal glitzy event in my life, or at least people seem to think I do, based on how many pairs of sparkly earring I've received as gifts. Oh well, maybe one day I'll have a granddaughter who will enjoy wearing them for dress up fun!)
Then under the sparkly stuff are my pearl necklaces, (of various colors and lengths) then at the end are my bracelets.
The flip side holds all my other kinds of necklaces, slides, chains and pendants.
The two hangers take up about three inches in my closet, instead of two whole drawers in my dresser.
Added bonus: I can see every thing I own at a glance!
Some pocket are shared: all my kitten pins are in one pocket, all my red-white-and blue flag stuff is in another.
I've put small notes in the pockets that hold family or sentimental pieces, just in case some day someone want to know about them...
A few pieces were weeded out, and I still intending to weed out a few more pieces, but cautiously. Jewelry seems to swing from chunky to delicate, from glittery to natural through the years. A few pieces that I had mentally written off a few years back now look perfect with some of current fashion trends.
One idea I want to try: I'm thinking of getting some paint swatches, and placing the colors behind the pieces.
The pink based pieces will have a pink paint chip behind them, lavender get the idea.
Right now everything is organized by color, but I have to really look at the pockets to tell with some of the more delicate pieces.
Paint sample chips are free, so I'll give it a try and see if that makes identification easier.
Now I just need to figure out what to do with those organizer boxes! Any ideas?
Wanna come over and play dress up with me?
Oh come will be fun!
(My and my childhood girl friend Emily, all dressed up and no where to go...but boy did we look good!!!)


Miss Janey said...

Great news about the colitis. Miss J wishes you continued good health and luck with your organizing. Great BFF pic.

Vicki said...

When you finish with your organization, could you PLEASE come out and help me? ;)

Playing dress-up - when we were small, my mother had all of her dresses and accessories in one upstairs room of our house. My sister and I (and sometimes our brother allowed us to drag him in there!) would spend hours dressing up in all of that glittery, flowing finery! Sure wish I had pictures...

Dawn said... HAVE had a time of it...
Hope your health is all up hill from here!

Cute pic of you and your little friend.
Once a glam queen...always a glam queen!

Lovin' ALL your organized bling!

Lovella said...

Jill, I'm so glad that you have come out the other end. . no pun intended .. I think .. .quite well.
(smirking now)
Just try to stay unstressed .. yah right.
Oh your jewelrey organizer is just such a great idea. I now immediately think of the little places my goodies are stored. When I go to find a necklace I always think .. which jewelry box is that in. You have it all sorted out wonderfully.
I always loved dressing up.

PhantomMinuet said...

I love that jewelry hanger! I would love to have one. Or three.

Keeping a good thought about you and your medical situation.

Laura said...

Ok, so my comments are...
1. I know you don't regret those c-sections. Especially that first one. You got something great from it!
2. I am glad you are putting info about the pieces with them.
3. WOW! I looked at that last picture and thought, "I don't remember dressing up like that, and I don't recognise that other girl." I just about fell off the chair when I realized it was you and read your name. Amazing. Looks just like me as a kid. Incredible!
I love you!

Sara said...

The paint chip idea is brilliant! I like the organizer too, the perfect way to get all your jewelry in one place and so very organized by categories and color! Doesn't it feel great?

Hooray on the health issue, that's very good news.

Kate said...

So relieved that your health issue is subsiding. You had be scared after what hubby and Beryl have been through.

Congrats on getting jewelry organized. Doesn't it feel good? Carrie gave me an earring organizer that has greatly improved my earring storage (Container Store has them). Claremarie has been using those hanging 80 pocket organizers for sometime and I think they are perfect. Where would I put one tho'? Still culling after all these years.... K Q:-)