Monday, June 30, 2008

I'll miss this....

I will miss our Master Bathroom.
It is a tiny space by Texas standards.
(Except on the days when I am cleaning it. Then it is HUGE!)
I love my garden tub, with two views to the garden.
Right now the stubby looking crape myrtle tree outside the window is flowering brightly.
Today, however, the bathroom is not available for lounging.

The bathroom is cleared of the violets and counter top item, ready for a crew to arrive and polish the tub, counters and re grout the shower.

Split vanities? Oh where I can sit and apply my makeup, and a taller vanity and sink by the tub where Bernie can brush his teeth and shave.
We often wonder at the many years we shared one bathroom that had a toilet next to the sink which was next to the tub, and you could reach all three from any fixture, and touch all four walls while standing in front of the sink.

Now we think it is just a good health practice to have the toilet in it's own separate room.
(We are going to have get over this notion....)

My African violets love those window sills. I love lolling in the tub where I can see the trees turn color just outside the windows, and the azaleas blooming in the spring time. I've even enjoyed soaking in bubbles up to my chin by flickering candle light while outside a walloping strong thunderstorm pelted the trees and windows.

It is a totally private yard. I have to wonder why more builders plan house placement so each house has no windows facing another house, except in the front of the house?

(By the by...there are pleated shades ready to be dropped from behind the curtains if one wants to.)

This is our second Texas Master Bathroom. Our first Master Bathroom was in our Dallas house. Our first experiences with Texas Master bathrooms was eye opening: Who knew people actually hosted parties in their bathrooms, and had wedding pictures taken next to soaring columns and waterfall features inside what I always had considered to be a rather private room.

We got used to being spoiled by the Texas bathroom concept really fast.
The Older members of our family came to visit, and raised their eyebrows when they saw the clear glass shower doors and all the wall sized mirrors and lighting in the bathroom.
They acted like we were being immodest or something, because we had clear shower doors.

I kept explaining that we had been married for a couple of decades by then, and had ALREADY seen each other naked...and that when you shower in a shower with clear glass doors the doors steam up anyway, but they declared stoutly that if it was THEIR house, they would have to replace the doors with something frosted and more modest.

One relative said she felt it would feel like showering in the middle of the street.
I've never showered in the middle of the street, so I wouldn't know what that might feel like....

A comment was also made that all those mirrors must make you want to keep in shape.
You'd better believe it....

The wall facing the shower is the wall that is actually mirrored sliding doors, which open into the walk-in closet. So, yeah, you do see yourself coming and going when you are going in and out of the shower.

The funny thing is that now when I have to use a shower with a curtain or frosted doors, I feel claustrophobic.

Funny how fast things change.
And change again when you least expect it.


Janel said...

I heart your bathroom.

I want a master bath with B-I-G windows and a tub that could hold two people. Yeah, don't ask. ;)

Hubby thinks I'm crazy to want windows that big in the bathroom. I keep waiting. I might have to compromise with glass blocks. All the light with no view. {sigh}

Sara said...

I've wished for such a bathroom after viewing model homes in the past....but the actual experience of living with one has so far evaded me. The older I get, the more comfortable I am becoming with less (and I hear you about the cleaning!)

I love those stripes by the way.

Lin said...

These pics make me sooo... jealous. I still have the bathroom where you can touch all four walls from the toilet....and it still seems too much to clean at times.

Thanks for sharing the pics with us, Jill.

(I'll be calling soon...had a bad bout of a stomach virus and just couldn't get around to calling you when I was so sick...)

Vicki said...

Boy, have I missed your stories and your humor during my vacation...but I'm home now! Looks like I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

I love the big bathrooms, too, until it comes time to clean them. I thought our north Texas bathroom was huge, too, until we bought our first Florida house...we could have held a ball in there...and open... massive mirrors... clear shower doors... the garden tub (practically in the bedroom)... and we could step out the glass door from the bathroom right into the very private backyard pool! Then, we bought our second Florida house... all of the above plus his-and-hers vanities! I love 'em!

Your bathroom is beautiful. I know you'll miss it. Remember, whatever you buy, you can always remodel!