Saturday, November 03, 2007

A birthday walk in the woods

A fast recap of Bernie's birthday:

He worked, then we took a walk in the woods...

Love the mushroom...looks like powdered sugar atop a cookie.
Ah, another pretty mushroom...angel wings!
(Still need to get a field guide to Texas mushrooms.)
A new kind of grass/reed....gotta find out what these things are called too.
A new kind of fern too.
Bernie and his Mom together...the best scene in the entire forest!
A run to the store to get the fixings for shrimp tacos and chili rellaneos. Oh wow...I didn't realize it was DOGGIE sweater season.
$7.99 for a sweater for a wiener dog.
Seems crazy to me...these sweaters have wooden buttons like Mr. Roger's sweaters used to have.
Do the dog owners understand that we are in HOUSTON, where a sweater is used only to ward off air conditioning.
The wiener dogs can cope without a sweater, OK?
On the way home from the store I saw this van.
Isn't that a great idea? Rent a husband for the jobs that never get done.
Sooo...I maybe you can nag the rental guy about the jobs that never get done?
I guess that would be better than nagging your own husband about it.
The job still wouldn't get done...but at least your husband won't be so annoyed.

He asked for pumpkin pie with walnuts and Cool Whip instead of birthday cake.
He got pumpkin pie with walnuts and Cool Whip.
And a few candles...five on one side, four on the other representing 54.
The smoke after he blew them out!
Thankfully we didn't have to evacuate.
A house never looks as good as it does when a loved one is there. We love having Mom here!

One of several gifts....he was very happy with his birthday gifts.
Oh, and I guess his birthday is the kick-off the Christmas season. All the shops had their decorations up by 11 am on Nov. 2.
Now for the stuff Julie hates...and Bernie loves.....
(Bye-bye Julie! Thanks for stopping by!)
While we were walking in the woods, Bernie pointed out this tree:
Notice anything in the hollow?
Yup, Mr. Watersnake taking a nap. Maybe it is the same one that came by our yard awhile ago.
Or one of his relatives.
Let me tell you...nothing made the Birthday Boy happier than spotting that.
I would have NEVER noticed it myself.
As long as I'm being gross here, here is another less charming mushroom.
It is about the size of an English muffin, and such a weird top!
All in was birthday fun all around!


Vicki said...

Does it seem that stores and television are forcing the Christmas "season" earlier this year than normal, or is that just me? I love Christmas - it's my favorite holiday - but I'd rather not get burned out because of the retail part of it.

The mushroom photos are interesting, but if I spotted that snake while taking a walk, I'd be out of there in a heartbeat!

Julie said...

I'm so glad Bernie had a wonderful birthday... I LOVE your mushroom photos - soooo pretty!! especially the angel wings one.

Thanks for heads up, Jill...I DID know what was coming...but I couldn't leave without leaving a comment which meant I had to scroll down !
(sorry, I can't curiosity got me! - smile)

Sara said...

What an amazing array of mushrooms y'all have down theah in Texas!

Not to mention snakes....and spiders.

Yes, we heard Christmas carols in Costco today - it's WAY too much already! Christmas carols will grow old and lose their charm even before the Thanksgiving turkey is eaten. Very sad.

That's a mighty interesting birthday cake too. And just right for the season.

And of course I had to scroll down to see what it was that Julie hates.

PS: I'm glad you are enjoying my photo travelogues. Yosemite was so gorgeous it was impossible to take a bad photo. Thanks for all your kind comments.

Lovella said...

We had Christmas music in the stores and decorations too. How crazy. They must stay up all night on November 1 to get it all up in one night.
The woods pictures were great, but really I loved the picture of Bernie and his mom.
Never a dull moment at your house. Sounds wonderful.

Barabara and her musical saw said...

Love the pictures,love being here. Mom.