Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Millinery: It's Jillie in a Jille!

My newest hat: A 1964-65 Ostrich feather over felt base hat designed by the millinery company known as "Jille."
It just arrived this morning.
Ever since Marie showed me her white feathered Jille, I've been watching them on ebay.
Some Jille's go for around $20, while others are selling off at the $165 dollar mark. Most are too small in size for me to wear.
I got this lovely 22 incher for $21.95, which included shipping!
(Ooops, there goes Bernie groaning in the background. He hates it when I brag on shopping bargains. If you see me, pretend you didn't see this, and I'll pretend you don't know what I paid for it.)
Wonder if the temperatures will ever get cold enough here so I can wear this thing?
Wonder if I'll ever find a perfect occasion to wear it?
What a silly, silly questions!
I think I'll be looking so cool, I'll have to wear shades.
Hello Darling! There you are! How have you been?
We must get together and do lunch really soon. Maybe we can get together for cocktails really soon.
It's been so good seeing you (kissy sound, kissy sound.)
Say hello to everyone for me!
Buh bye!
( I don't think I will ever outgrown my love for playing dress up. Wish you could come over and play too...it would be so much fun!)
PS: There is a black Jille similar to this one going for a similar amount on ebay right now. If the purple link doesn't work, just put the word Jille in ebay as your search term. But hurry...if you snooze, you will lose!


Kate said...

Great deal! You can't even buy the feather pads to make this hat for that price. Not my favorite style but it looks good with those shades. Glamorous! K Q:-)

Vicki said...

What a charming, elegant hat! It looks especially nice with the shades. I doubt if you'll have cool enough weather for the hat, but maybe you could build a winter vacation around it.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Vicki...you are a girl after my own heart. "Build a winter vacation" around a hat...sigh. Isn't that just a wonderful idea?
Thanks for suggesting it.

Sara said...

Yes, that is VERY cool with the shades! You know, I have visions of a room in your house dedicated just to hats, with hat boxes piled floor to ceiling along one wall, or maybe two walls. How many hats do you own? Have you ever done a blog about storing hats? It would be interesting.

Cristina said...

What a fun hat! Very elegant and with the shades, you look cool!!! Thank you for sharing and for caring!