Thursday, August 30, 2007

Four thousand dollars, and ten months rent in the Cotswolds, plus living expenses.

Fantasy is fun.

Especially this one:

Move to the Cotswolds of England for ten months in order to go to Millinery School and acquire a City and Guilds Millinery level 2 7822 qualification, which apparently has world wide recognition.

It *is* going on my official list of really cool things that I would like to do before I die.
I just don't want to be gone from family that long.

As soon as I can figure out a way that my husband, my parents, my kids, and yes, even the in-laws can tag along, I AM SO THERE.

Oh, and I guess Tiggie and Hart will need to come too.

Originally I was thinking of this millinery school. For $845 USD, I could just take a five day class. Located in a picturesque Staffordshire village, just 4 miles south of Wolverhampton, in central England, I could tuck that into a holiday adventure, for sure.

Or...I could take a hatmaking class in Zurich. Maybe stay at Kate's, run back and forth on the train. It would cost around $800 USD for that course. There would be a lot of block work though. Hmmm...

Actually there are hat making/millinery classes offered all over the world. Judith M. listed a great collection on her site. Just pick a place, sign up and GO!

(I'll get back to my Canada adventure again tomorrow. I didn't have time to post that saga, as I had to work a full day today.)

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