Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 331 Birthday America!

I hope I did that math right...and I wish you could have joined us for breakfast and a new tee shirt!
Me in my spiffy new tee shirt!
We had scrambled eggs, freshly baked blueberry scones with raspberry jam, fresh strawberries, orange juice and coffee (Starbucks Komodo dragon...there's a story about Komodo dragons that I must remember to blog about sometime.)
Then we raced off to the Kingwood Fourth of July Parade! Pictured above: The ONLY band. That was disappointing, but considering that it was supposed to rain, I guess it was OK that the school bands didn't march.

Everyone and their dog is in the parade. No, really, EVERYONE and their DOG!
(As long as the dog is decorated too.)
And yes, Otis and Indee, I thought of you, and could imagine you strutting in a parade with Moose antlers on.
Now that would be styling.

I just love how Kingwood kids get dressed up for Independence Day.
These two were in front of us. Loved the hair ties, and his head wrap.
We thought the parents were funny though. They told the kids that if they stayed out of the street they would get donuts after the parade.
EVERYONE in the parade tossed candy to the crowds. It didn't take long for these two to figure out that a bag of candy beats on boring donuts any day. They were rushing into the streets with the rest of the kids in no time.

Don't you just love the look of anticipation on the little girl holding the great big bag?
And I wonder where they guy got that flag shirt.
That ought to cover his 4th of July holiday attire needs for the rest of his natural life!

This, however, is a TEXAS flag shirt. Texas, now that's what is important, plain and simple. America's Independence Day is nice and all, but remember, it really is all about Texas around here.

Houston Mayor Bill White was in OUR parade! Little ol' Kingwood got the mayor of America's 4th largest city in our parade!
He's the guy following the car, wearing the red and white striped shirt.
I think someone ought to buy him more festive clothes.
He could do better than that, don't you think?

Kingwood High School's football team.
Yeah, we win.
A lot.

Some of the dogs just rode. I think he looks sad because he thought he was going to get to drive.

"Mothers of Young Children." Hmm, wouldn't it be funny to have a float called "Mothers of Teen Age Children", the moms looking all wild eyed, clutching phones and car keys, and acting all jumpy?
A car wash float that blew bubbles everywhere. It made everything seem magical because it was so wet and humid the bubbles lasted in the air for a very long time.
Right behind the bubble car was a guy shooting off confetti rockets. The confetti and the bubbles danced together in the thick humid air.

We do love our Armadillos.
When they aren't tearing up gardens, they lay on the side of the road, dead.
How cool is that?
Love the outfit: Hat, beads, camouflage shorts, cowboy boots.
(In his defense, they were throwing beads to the crowds, a la New Orleans style.)

The kids on the street knew exactly what to do when this parachute was billowed up. They all ran into middle and stood there grinning.

Orange is is is in....everyone else just doesn't get it.

It did rain steadily, but lightly and it was warm and humid. I'm still not used to the idea that I can be sweating in a rain storm.

And you will never guess who this is.

It's our favorite uncle....
Hi Uncle Scott!
Tiggie and Hart say hi!!!!!

(He had the best decorated vehicle in the whole parade. Good on you Uncle Scott!)

1. I didn't know there was a tribe called "Howling Gators"
2. I didn't know that they were the tribe of the year.
3. I didn't know they had a website.

Guess I'm just a little behind on my Indian history!

Red, White and MOooo!

A Fourth of July Bunny was in the parade. What a sweetie!

Doggie wear was fun to see too. The dress skirt fabric was gingham, with ants printed on the plaid. Cute!

Yes you DO look adorable in your little dress!
Dresses are IN this year!
Bernie looks adorable too. He added red hat and red shorts to the tee shirt all by himself.
30 years of marriage to me, and he has learned the secret to holiday dressing.

Best bike decoration ever.

These guys must have been awful hot in those uniforms. Whew.

Yes, I brought my camera too! And remembered to add a flag pin to my hat! I found my flag earrings, and am wearing a cotton bandanna soaked in water to keep me cool.

Pretty good turn out for a rainy Wednesday.

Orange is is in...and orange suckers match my shirt and socks.
I hope I don't trip on my beads.
Thanks for letting me hold your finger dad!

Duct tape + small flag= Car is now decorated.

Red leash, blue dog tags, Izzy is all ready for the day and wants to be friends.

Izzy also moves REALLY fast when you snap her picture. She moved behind her mom in a blink.
Don't boxers have the sweetest faces?

If you happen to have a skeleton, and you want to decorate it, it can be in the parade too.
Baseball hat, sunglasses...decoration: done.

Uncle Sam came to the parade too!

Despite the rain, and no marching bands, a good time was had by all.

If you would like to, you can enjoy more of parade by clicking here.

In the Spirit of 1776, I've posted a 76 picture slide show. Set the viewing at 3 seconds per, and you can see a parade in about three minutes without getting a drop of rain on yourself. I'm telling you, the kids are just adorable.

Happy Independence Day America!


Lovella said...

Oh I do wish I could have joined you for breakfast too. I look forward to seeing the rest of your celebration pics.
We're off to the beach for the day . . .enjoy your day.

Laura said...

The math must be right seeing as how you got married on the bicentennial. Love it! I'm going to get my T-shirt now too! Have a great parade!

Becky said...

Set off a few fireworks for me! I can actually see numerous fireworks go off from our deck. Every July 4, Ray & I stand there in the cool of the evening and enjoy the show. Thanks!

Julie said...

“Happy 4th of July, Jill!”

I tried to find a way to make the above greeting special by pasting and copying a fancy, coloured font!! but it just copied boringly plain!!

But my wishes are in red, white and blue and I wish you a very fun, special, full of celebrations day!!!

Demara said...

OH Jill, that was such a long activity for the day, but I enjoyed it. It was great going to the parade with you...(OH AND could you please email me your eaddy...I have something to tell you. Check my profile for my eaddy. Thanks!)

Lovella said...

Well, what a delightful celebratory parade. You Texans have it figured out.
I just loved seeing all the kids excited and all the colors. What fun. I thought you looked mighty festive and just lovely.
I do hope you are enjoying the fireworks . .right about now.

Kate said...

Wow! Thanks for the vicarious parade. Just love the bubblemobile. As you know we are partial to bubbles and dispense them from our roof on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the wind is not usually cooperative. Perhaps we should order one of those machines? That Camo Cowboy is the cutest too!

We could spot the Americans in town yesterday too with their red, white and blue duds. Starr likes to say that we Americans "decorate ourselves." The Swiss do not, as a rule. I froze tho' in my white linen pants yesterday. Temps are still quite low here. Think you scored our one hot day of the summer when you were here. It's rainy too. Oh well, in a week or so we may be complaining about the heat so we count our blessings.
K Q:-)

Sara said...

Your sense of fun and celebration is simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing that will all of us in "blogland." Texas looks like a fun place to be. I think Uncle Scott looks a little like Al Gore in your photos.