Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fun at the library

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30 seconds. It's good.


Lovella said...

So, you don't want me to order up lunch when I pop in to visit you?

Big hint . .. when some one comes up to Jill in her college library and asks (respectably quiet) . .
can I order a milkshake and fries . . .You'll know it's one of us bloggers.

How fun would that be.
Glad you survived the downpour last night. Phew.

(ironically, my word verification included BLT . .would that be less daft to order?)

Julie said...

I'll be right behind Lovella with my order!!
Wouldn't that be fun? Joke would be on us if Jill was actually prepared with our orders under her desk!!!

VERY blonde clip~~ LOL