Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rhubarb Bar

To follow up on the Rhubarb saga...yes I did get it made!
I was at the part where I needed my jelly roll pan, when I discovered that somewhere along the line I have lost my jelly roll pan.
So I improvised with an aluminum serving tray that was jelly roll pan deep.
Bernie got some, and my co-workers got stiffed as it was too messy to travel.
I might freeze some of it, as it tastes great with vanilla ice cream.
My mom says she has a great rhubarb bread recipe that she is going to dig out for me to try.
Let's just hope the produce guy has rhubarb once I get the recipe...
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Lovella said...

hip hip hooray. It looks really good. I'm glad that Bernie got first dibs on the dessert.

I'm in the process of making rhubarb sorbet. I made a simple syrup, food processed the chopped rhubarb, put it in a cheesecloth, squeezed the juice out of it, mixed it with the simple syrup and put it in my ice cream maker, simple. It looked really yummy, . . just have to wait until it freezes up a bit.

gotta love that rhubarb.