Monday, March 05, 2007

Who are all these people, pt.II

These people above are the Brosnans. I've already written about them in another posting way back when. The seated man in the corner is my great grandfather Corneilus Brosnan, either born in Ireland or born in NY to Irish emigrants. The census report vary...being Irish born wasn't something to brag about back then.

If you enjoy using paperclips, you can thank him. He held the US patent for the paper clip. If you don't believe me, just google Google Patents, and put in Cornelius J. Brosnan.

Anyway, that's part of the Irish gang listed over on the side bar. The Sullivans are from Bernie's side, the rest are the ancestors names of Cornelius and his wife, Margaret Mears. The woman seated in the center is my dad's mom. The lady on the far left with the rose at her waist was a milliner, and I own one of the hat's that she created.

But actually, I want to use this post to introduce some of the folks now listed on my side bar links.

Around Town Houston is a quirky picture blog done by a Houston police officer. He, Jason, just takes pictures of stuff he sees that strikes his interest. Sometimes I enjoy trying to see the world through other people's eyes, and their camera provides a venue to do just that. Near as I can tell from his other blog, Cigars, coffee, doughnuts, where he writes, he is married to a loving wife, has a couple of kids, and a few cats. His language can be a bit raw, so that part isn't a direct link from my site.

oncRN is another blog that helps me see the world through someone else eyes, except in this blog, the writer, a nurse who works with cancer patients only uses words to portray her world. Sometimes she shakes me to the core of my being. Sometimes I feel like I am on holy ground when I read what she writes...powerful stuff. My daughter is also an oncology nurse. It helps me understand a bit about Laura's world too.

Rantings of a Mad Hatter Wannabe is written by a woman who is currently living in Spain, and is indeed a milliner wanna be. She's doing great research into the field, creating in felt, and if you like millinery, it's a good blog to visit.

The Sewist also is a millinery junkie. She is a fine rambler, that is, she writes amusingly about hat that she finds in various electronic settings. I usually immediately covet the hat she posts, but am learning that sometimes just being able to look at the hat is enough.

And just as an added treat...a nice profile shot of Gayle modeling in the purple hat I made awhile ago. It looks awful on me...and I think great on her.

I'm sure this hat will belong to someone else someday.
I wonder who.

And another extra treat...some of the hat wearing ladies in Sue's living room.


Lovella said...

I just think it is amazing that you can know so much about your family history. Since my dad was adopted when he was two . . it took years for him to find out anything about his roots. Any small thing he did learn was so valued.
I love paper clips, I'll never use one again without a kind thought of your great grandfather.

I took a quick look at your Houston pictures and had a chuckle or two and will be back for more of them.

How wonderful to know that some of the lovely hats you have created will be enjoyed for years after you have finished wearing them. Someone will be heard to say, Is that a Jill original you are wearing? They will say . .oh no, it is a knock off. Her originals are in the Houston Museam, go have a look.

Yokoso~ said...

that's interesting news about the paperclips...hmmm