Sunday, December 03, 2006

Red and Green: Yaupon Holly

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The cedar wax wings love these berries! All it takes in a cold front to push the birds down here, and they will strip the tree of berries in a matter of minutes.

Sunday was nice; I got up early and started putting out my Christmas stuff. The front door now has a green wreath and the kitchen china has been switched out. I'll post a picture and the story behind my Christmas china tomorrow.

Bernie wasn't feeling very well, chills and aches, and I hope it isn't the flu. He laid low all day while I went to church, and fussed around the house, and then went back to church for High Tea at 4, and a concert at 5.

There were several tartan wearers at the tea, including myself. One gentleman had his kilts on.
I complemented him on his attire, and he said it was proper to dress for tea, a chance for socializing and a refreshing cup of tea.

I told him seeing a man in a kilt is always refreshing.

The concert...well...I am not very musical, but I was raised in a church with an excellent organ, and then there is the Spreckles organ in San Diego's Balboa Park.

The concert tonight at church was billed as an organ recital. The church does have a pipe organ, new as of 2000. It is ranked 60th (sixty! why mention it?) and no criteria was given (in Houston? Texas? America?)

As I said, I am not very musical. The rest of the audience seemed to enjoy hearing "New York New York" and "Phantom of the Opera" played, I was underwhelmed. If I go to an organ concert I want to be wow'd.

Anyway, I guess it was more like "There will be some organ music, he takes requests! and then we'll have a drummer and a base guy join with him, and he'll switch to piano, and all the Christmas songs like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells will be played!"

Oh, so NOT hurray. Lots of little jokes, cute. If the guy in the kilt hadn't been there, I would have called the whole thing a bust.

Live and learn.

Then...the TV sequel to "The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mine" was on TNT, with Bob Newhart, Noah Wyle, and Jane Curtain. Nice hokey fun, great librarian jokes.

It is cold, and the cats actually are piling on us as we watch TV. I'd still rather be a bit cold than crank up the heater.

At least it is sweater weather. I have never seen so many 55+ year old women in black pants, red or white turtleneck and a black background Christmas sweater. Last year I heeded my kids and fashion magazines to avoid Christmas sweaters unless you are a grandma type. I'll be wearing sweaters, but no splashy designs!


Dawn said...

What?????? You mean...NO silver ENCRUSTED snowflakes on your sweater?????? No red sequined Rudolf noses?? Jill, Jill, JILL...Where in the world is your sense of fashion adventure???

Ladygrande said...

Last year at the "after-Christmas" sales I bought my first outrageous Christmas sweater. 80% off, or I would not even have considered it. Zoe (my 7-year old great-granddaughter) loves it of course, cause it has bells and Santa on it. Will wear it when she's around, so she can enjoy it. Well, I am a great-granny, after all!