Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Millinery: Inspiration

Every day lately, this butterfly has been dropping by my garden for nectar refreshment amongst the verbena.

I rush to get my camera and then we play "catch me if you can".

I lock focus, hit the shutter button and the butterfly flies.
And I get another picture of a leaf or flower that really isn't all that special.

Yesterday I was feeling so down I almost didn't play.

But the light was so perfect and the butterfly lingered, as if to say, come on, I'll let you take my picture today.

Nice, huh.
Today, when I downloaded the pictures, it reminded me of a hat in the Houston Community College millinery collection.

Autumnal inspiration interpreted in velvet and beads, probably about 50 years ago.

Maybe that was it. Or maybe its just what it looks like to me. Posted by Picasa


Ladygrande said...

Great photos, Jill. Love the hat also. Need one of those flutterbyes perched on the side of the hat.


Kate said...

Love those Gulf Frittilarys!! Isn't the beading pretty on that Autumn hat? Love it! K Q:-)