Thursday, July 27, 2006

Millinery: Singing in the Rain

While the western United States sizzles, we here in Texas are getting lots of rain. I love rain, and I love the song "Singing in the Rain".

Now how many of you remember the scene where Gene Kelly dances in a deluge, splashing and tapping down a street, singing and swinging an umbrella.

Ever noticed what shops he goes by?

Take a look...and I wonder who's creations are on display in the window of the LaMallie Millinery Shop.

No wonder he's dancing. I'd be dancing too, in the rain even, if there was a cute little millinery shop like that on the main street of my town! Posted by Picasa

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kludge said...

I have noticed and commented on that to my wife many times. I cannot recall ever seeing a millinary shop anywhere I've been... How sad.

Bet you like Hello Dolly as well.